Anyone quit their job to attend Nursing School?

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How did you plan it and how do you get by? Please share any info that may help others considering doing the same (including me!) :rolleyes:


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I anticipated leaving my job 4 years ago (the company was having financial problems and I knew it was a matter of time) . I basically lived on 1/4 of my salary, saving the rest, and moved in with my father. Later I married. We are living on the severance package, the money I saved and my husbands salary.

My mother was a housewife all of her life. I have worked all of mine so it is difficult. Still careful planning before leaving your job helps. I even managed to get unemployment compensation while attending school due to the fact that my field, IT, has been greatly eliminated.


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I got kind of first time through college, I worked 2 jobs and went to school full-time because we are from a small town and my husband couldn't find a job in his, he's active-duty military, so I quit my job as a server and went to school, and he picked up a part time job at a local hobby store...he says it's his 'payback' LOL...but it works well for's a short-term sacrifice that we're willing to make for long-term betterment, and he really likes working at the hobby store since r/c airplanes are his BIG hobby! LOL

Good luck!


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I just finished the first semester of the ADN program and the hours of this program allowed me to still work full time and my employer was kind enough to allow me the flexibility, however, the hours next semester aren't going to work for me and I will have to quit my job. And you know what...I barely make it making $16/hr in my office job, so I have no idea how I'm going to do it, but I don't really care. I'm so motivated and driven and determined about going to nursing school, that I will find a way. If there's a WILL, they IS a WAY and that's the truth. If you want it bad enough, you'll make it.

How did you plan it and how do you get by? Please share any info that may help others considering doing the same (including me!) :rolleyes:

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I didn't quit, but I did cut down to 16 hours a week instead of 40.

Believe me, that has put enough of a "hitch in our get along"! But school comes first, and it will pay of in the long run.... :uhoh3:

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I didn't actually quit for the reason of going to school. I quit because we were moving to the other side of the state due to a promotion my husband received with his job. Once we built our house we are living in now I was going to start looking for another job, but after thinking about it decided I was going to fulfill my life long dream of becoming a nurse. My husband is an engineer and received a really nice pay raise so he has no problem supporting our family on his income so it isn't a problem for us. I can't imagine having a job right now, I also have a 7-year-old and 5-year-old, so that's a job in itself with their extracaricular activities. My husband is also in the National Guard, and sometimes he does more than the "one-weekend-a-month" thing. It would be difficult to set a work schedule because we don't always know if my husband is going to be home or not. Good luck with your decision!


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I planned everything out one year ago when I first applied to nursing school. I began saving whatever I could (including income tax). I had money taken directly out of my check in to the credit union. I never seen it. I worked as long as I could to get the extra money but when I couldn't do it anymore because of stress of school I quit. I felt comfortable quitting because I had planned well in advance for this. I cut all of the 3 way and accessories and just had a single phone line. When school started, I just had to pay rent because I had put a large balance on all other utilities, paid out car insurance for the entire term in advance. I used the money I got back from school (student loans) to buy household items whenever necessary. It can definitly be done. You just have to put your mind to it.


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Yes, worked 20+ years paid off the house loan. Never had credit card debt or a car loan. Had few subscriptions, never had cable anything, had a cell phone once for a year. Cancelled anything remaining. Only have a cheap internet dialup connection. Learned to repair most everything myself including the cars. Living lean and happier. Saved what I could and jumped..........Yikes

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