Anyone look forward to being a pt in the hospital?

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Not sure how to put this and not sound nutty but... I can't wait to go to the hosp for birth of #3. I don't expect to be pampered to even want extra or special attention, but getting away from my house, kids and husband for a day or so would be nice. Take away the childbirth thing I actually didn't mind sitting in the hospital, having my meals delivered, spending time alone with my newborn and not having to be bothered with anything at home.

I'm not a bell ringer or pushy patient either did total rooming in with the new baby. (Last time I was in the hosp for other two kids the nurses used to yell at me and tell me to use the call bell more, ask for help and take my darn pain pills!)

Is it just me? Who actually enjoyed going to the hospital?


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Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck with the new baby!!! :)

I can sympathize with how you feel...sometimes a little peace and quiet is nice!

Take care and let us know about your new arrival when he/she gets here.


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This thread topic made me laugh:chuckle

I thought to myself, "Yuck, self . . you wouldn't want to sleep in a bed where all kinds of gross stuff had happened - no offense to housekeeping but . . .yuck.":eek:

Then I remembered the three days I got to spend with my 2 year old when he was born and I do find myself missing that time with him. But it is more about him and not the hospital. This brand new little person, nursing him and smelling him and kissing him. It was bliss . . .except for the cesarean incision.:D

So, I guess the answer to your question would be . . .. uh, sorta.

;) steph


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The only reason I would look forward to going into the hospital is the fact that I plan to call admin into my rm to tell them how great the nurses are and how poorly the admin is running the hospital.


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This is kind of a tough one..hmmmm.. Yes...I do think it would be nice to get away from it all....have meals brought to me, etc. brings to mind all the people that are actually admitted for just that reason.....the addict who like their pain meds and wants to be waited on hand and foot, the sweet little old lady who is well but lonely and comes to the ER with her bags already packed, LOL, etc. I'm not flaming mind you, because you already stated that you are not a bell ringer......I'd admit you and be your nurse in a second..LOL. I do think at my facility....a few people are admitted just so they can get away from things, kids, cooking meals, being alone......and I guess in some ways..that may be a valid just makes it hard to care for those that really are sick and need the help. Am I making any sense here....NO...Lol.. Obviously...with baby number have a totally ligit. reason to be admitted..LOL.....I am very happy for you and wish you the best with the new little one!!:kiss I have only been overnight in the hospital once in my life...and I absolutely hated it!!! I couldn't sleep, the food sucked...LOL....all I wanted to do is get home to my own bed... go figure....ok..again..congrats...

luv Snoop'


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Originally posted by Geeg

The only reason I would look forward to going into the hospital is the fact that I plan to call admin into my rm to tell them how great the nurses are and how poorly the admin is running the hospital.

:D :D :D

The thought of that made me smile, otherwise, no thanks to being hospitalized. I can understand your feelings, Michelle, but no desire here. Zero, zip, zilch, nada.


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I had my second baby at a tiny "cottage hospital" in Britain in June( a few years ago). I was the only patient in the maternity ward, and she was born on a Friday afternoon. The nurses begged me to stay (I had a four year old at home) so they would have something to do, and they took the baby to the nursery at night (!!). It was absolute luxury. My friend was an anesthesilogist at the hospital, and she snuck ice cream in from the cafeteria. I was totally spoiled (I felt wonderfu, physically).


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Yeah, that time in the hospital following the birth of a child is great! It feels good to get away from home, and it's responsibilities for a while! I had to have an emergency appy when my son was 1, and besides the surgery and pain, the stay was good! Congrats on baby #3!

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Congrats on news of your pregnancy and soon to be expected addition to your life :)

Re: admission to hospital - have no children so have never been in for that reason. But every time I have gone in, the nurses have bent over stage even the supervisor of the hospital came down to see me! Medical staff; well thats another story...


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Your thread made me think back to the 'good old days' when docs really would admit their ladies to the hospital 'for a rest from the kids'.:chuckle


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I laughed when I read your thread. I felt the same way with my 3rd. My sons were 6 and 8 when I gave birth to my daughter. The first night that I had her, they came up to the hospital with my husband to see us. I was starving so the three "boys" went to the cafeteria to get some food and my husband and 8 year old were the only two that came back! I asked my husband where my 6 year old was, he said he couldn't find him so then we had the hospital police try to find him. He was hiding behind a tree outside of the cafeteria because he was upset that he wasn't my baby anymore!!!!

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i had a homebirth, so i don't really understand i guess. xo Jen

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