have anyone heard back from St. David's new grads program?

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I know some people say St. David's doesn't repsonse to applicants as fast as Seton do but..it has been two weeks since I sent my online application. Does anyone hear back from them? should I just call them instead?

so frustrated...never end job hunting..:cry:

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I think it depends. Did you contact them to stay on their list? If so, I wouldn't do anything. It seems like they are keeping all the old applications on file. Unfortunately, that means the competition is going to be that much stronger for the December program. I just applied for that GN posting you referred to. I don't think I will hear anything back, but you never know. I know someone who graduated in May and started in L&D right off the bat. Guess she was one of the lucky ones.

Good luck and let us know if you hear anything.

Yes i did reply to them saying i was still interested but no one has called at all so i reapplied to the program again!!

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Unfortunately, I received a mass email from St.David's about the Winter 2009 GN job posting. It looks like they are not looking to hire any new grads at this time. I wonder why they even posted the position in the first place.

I have pretty much given up on finding a NICU job in Austin. Seton said they have been bombarded with applications since opening the versant listing. Guess I'll be relocating..

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Hi, I am applying to the Seton Versant program in December for the July cohort. I was wondering if you guys know what Seton is looking for, previous experience, high GPA? What's the difference between the people who get in and the people who don't?



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Seton is looking for at least a 3.0. It seemed to me, after hearing 2 recruiters talk within a few days of each other, that they want to see all 3 of your choices be Med-Surg on the application. I heard this point stressed on numerous occasions by the recruiters. No NICU, ER, mother/baby, or ICU are hiring new grads for the February cohort. They will also make you stay on your original unit for 2 years before allowing a transfer into a specialty. The recruiter for Brackenridge said that working as a CA for the Seton network does not give you an advantage over anyone else.

I will be interested to see which of my classmates get interviews. They will begin interviewing in November.

I have applied to St. Davids and they still maintain that they are not hiring GNs although I have witnessed students that are techs there recieve interviews. Seton's Versant has maintained that they will not have specialty positions available but will have some Med/ Surg positions. Still havent heard back from Seton. I know they are still behind on collecting Versant packets that were faxed a month ago. Good luck everyone!!

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Did you get a position in the NICU internship at SW?

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