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I took my NCLEX today and the computer shut off at 75. Just wondering if anyone out there took 75 ques and failed. Thanks!

The ladies from the nursing board stated that if the computer turns off at a low number, you either really know your stuff and passed or you really failed and don't. I know that sounds wishy washy, but you know in your head and heart. Do you or don't you know your stuff?? I feel if you obtained your diploma the nclex is just a formality. You passed, be positive.

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Congratulations! :)


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I, too, had the crummy computer turn off at 75. Had to wait 48 hours to find out "unofficially" I passed. It is true that the majority do know it, or don't.....For LPN boards, I did the written exam. THAT was a 6 week time of worry.

Ironically, a classmate had the full amount of questions.....swore she blew Boards, and passed.....

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