has anyone ever heard of this??

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I just graduated nursing school in May and Passed NCLEX in June!! :yeah::yeah: So I am finally a :nurse:! Very exciting.

My question is one of my classmates took the NCLEX and was told that she failed with the quick results. But a few days later Pearson Vue called her and told her that the computer screwed up and she should call the state so that she can go ahead and retake the test. Have any of ya'll ever heard of this happening before?


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No. This is a new one on me. Shows that there is such a thing as the computer test screwing up. She should get a new test without fees on her part. I hope she passes. And congratulations to you!


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Accually YesMy sister took a computer test and there was a computer proplem not once but 3 times. I told her I think she needed to go somewhere else.:crash_com

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Thats what i felt when i was taking the test. I felt like there is a problem with the computer..So how do i do this?

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