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RNCoastiewife has 1 years experience.

I am a wife to my favorite Coastie, mother of 2, (one teenager and a kindergartner) and I want to be the best nurse that I can be.

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  1. RNCoastiewife

    Hospitals near Satellite Beach

    Holmes regional hires new grads. They have a gn program, I'm not sure how often but we have 2 on my unit. Parrish has a GN program as well. Now, cape canaveral, Holmes, palm bay, and Viera hospital are all owned by the same company. Health-first. You can do a search at Health-first.org. also, there are new grad programs at Flirida Hospital and Orlando Health in Orlando. Tell your friend Good luck
  2. RNCoastiewife

    NH market for new nurses

    I graduated in May 2009 and I have to say the market sucks! The majority of the people I went to school with ended up working in SNF's Or LTCs. A very lucky few got into the hospitals. Noone would hire us "New Grads". There were many hospital positions and they would specifically say "No New Grads" on their websites. Terrible. Now that a year has passed, more of my former classmates are starting to get into hospitals after having that experience. Are you working anywhere at the moment? Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover, NH told me that 6 Months experience would help. I'm still at a SNF but will be moving this summer so I haven't applied to any up here in the past several months. Now I feel like I'm starting all over again looking for jobs in Florida, And even though I will have had 10 months experience, i'm still hearing the same crap, "not enough experience". It is truly frusterating. What are of NH are you going to be going too?
  3. RNCoastiewife

    Application deadlines for Frontier

    if you are trying for the midwife school, it looks like they are still accepting apps for class 82 and 84
  4. RNCoastiewife

    Sick and Tired

    It's not only my experience that I am speaking.
  5. RNCoastiewife

    Sick and Tired

    I am so sick of hearing how the economy is to blame for newer nurses not being able to get jobs. I know that the economy isn't in a good place but there are always nursing jobs available. I had applied in November (ish) for a job in the mother/baby unit of a hospital. Talked to the nurse recruiter who was very nice and honest with me. Saying unfortunatley they needed a person with experience in the field. I had only about 3 months of working nurses experience at the time. Okay, fine, I get it. truly I do. but then I was always looking at these hospital and the same job I applied for was there for more than a month. I know it was the same job b/c it had the same number. So, I'm thinking to myself... "okay so your not going to hire me for lack of experience, I could already be trained by the time you decided to hire someone..with experience". :mad: Okay vent over. Thanks for listening:)
  6. Hire the new grads!!
  7. RNCoastiewife

    Pregnant inmate died after hours of agony in Syracuse jail

    This is just disturbing on so many levels!!
  8. RNCoastiewife

    NCLEX - best study materials?

    I used Saunders and the school I went to had the NCLEX 4000 program there. I also went to the Hurst Review which I loved!!
  9. RNCoastiewife

    I know that I was not ready to take NCLEX, but...

    Good luck to you. Stay positive and remember if you did not pass, at least you now know what to expect.
  10. RNCoastiewife

    Wanna go to school

    Thank you:) I appreciate that! I am thinking of applying for next year. Get one more year of nursing under my belt. My family have been great with me. I have two kids 13 and 6 years old. I couldn't ask for a better husband who would tell me to go to my room and study and that he would take the kids out or something.
  11. RNCoastiewife

    ?? about inverted T and classical incison...

    they did this for me too. I was sectioned at 36 weeks, but I have had 3 early babies, a cerlages x 2 and the inverted T incision. I have incomp cervix, didn't know that with my first one and had him at 26 weeks, he passed away at 2 days old. My second. I got the stitch and he didn't want me to go into labor b/c of the incision from the first. I started to go into labor with him at 32 weeks so they got him out quickly. With my third, Again I got the stitch and ended up being in the hospital from 29 weeks until I delievered at 36. I have a strong hx of preterm labor as well (obvioulsy:) I know that with the history of inverted T and 3 c sections there was a real risk of uterine rupture. My ob was concerned. Needess to say, I had my tubes tied after my third. I would just rather my doctor be cautious.
  12. RNCoastiewife

    Wanna go to school

    Hello all. I graduated nursing school last year an have always wanted to continue on to CNM. I am interested in Frontier college. It has A great rep and it would fit my life best b/c I am a military wife. My question is is it possible to work, and take care of the fmily whe doing this program? I am looking at the part time option. Any advice??
  13. RNCoastiewife

    Got accepted into a program!

  14. RNCoastiewife

    Are all L&D/Post-Partum units like this?

    Did you do something to provoke them? Hm.. Well as the previous poster said we weren't there, but my guess is NO. I have only been a nurse for a year and I can say that some nurses can be catty! They like to puff their chest out when they are treating an equal. So maybe it was simply b/c your a nurse they wanted you to feel inferior to them since youre in a different specialty. At least the second time. The first time they were probably just being jerks bcyou were so young.
  15. RNCoastiewife

    Are all L&D/Post-Partum units like this?

    Oh my goodness! You had a terrible experience, I am so sorry!! No, they are not all like that, I promise. I have been in that situation as well. I was 18 when I had my son and I was treated like I was some dumb kid. I was thankful to my dad and husband as they were the ones to really advocate for me. My son was in the NICU asstic well and they didn't do the greatest job at keeping me informed of tests and what nots. They would come and talk me into signing consent forms and such. Giving me very minimal information of what they were for. Now that I'm a nurse I know I would have disagreed with some of the things. I hate to say it b/c this hospital gets has a good name but I didn't enjoy my time there at all. On the good side though, when I had my daughter (at a different hospital) I had to spend two months in the hospital prior to deliever, my nurses were fantastic. Loved them, again my daughter was in the NICU (incomp cervix with both and early deliveries) They kept me very informed on everything. I am happy to say the name of that hospital Providence Alaska Medical in Anchorage.
  16. RNCoastiewife

    Characteristics of a NICU nurse

    I've never worked in the NICU before, however, I've been a NICU baby mom 3 times. I have to say that the best NICU nurse I ever had was open and honest with me, very compassionate with us as a family. I could tell that she truly cared about the well being of my child. She was great. I have also had some that would come over, look at the baby, do whatever needed to be done, and then continue on about their business. Believe me I understand that nursing work is very busy, but you have to take the time to build a good trusting relationship with the parents of those youngins. Someone else can give you the more technical stuff, I hope I helped with the "moms POV"