Anybody else just working on preq's for now?

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I'm scheduled to take my pre entrance exam in January but I'm not too sure I'll pass. I've spoken to several people who didn't pass the first time they took it.

If I don't, I'll just be taking preqs until NEXT fall. Anbody else in the same boat?

I'll try again after I have my BIOs and MTH classes if I don't pass in January.


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Not every nursing school requires an entrance exam. Is there one particular school that you're shooting for?

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I'm in the same boat, and by choice! I'm working on my non-nursing requirements and don't want to take my nursing entrance exam until next fall, because I want to get a higher GPA & a good hold on my math skills before I do it. Also, I want to ease my way into school. I just don't think I'm ready for full time early morning classes just yet :eek:

Hopefully, I'll be ready in 05'


Yes, I am in the same are not alone!!



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My situation is a bit different. lol I have applied to a 1 year program for September. That program will give me my pre-reqs for nursing. Problem is, they require math as a pre-req for that! lol

I am working my butt off, and I better get in! Part of me is confident i'll be accepted, part of me is not. I think its natural to feel that way considering how competitive programs are these days. All you can do is your best!

Good luck to you!


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Yep, I'm there with you too. I took the pre-admission exam in September and passed. Now I'm on the waiting list & will be here for awhile. In the meantime, I'm taking all the pre-reqs. I'm 2/3 of the way done with A&P, so I only have one more A&P class to take (next term), lifetime development psych (next term), microbiology, communication, and pharmacology. I figure I'll run out of classes to take before I start the nursing program, so I'm thinking of going ahead & taking some classes that will transfer to an RN-BSN completion program later on (like biochemistry and/or organic chemistry, etc).


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The school I have applied to only accepts applicants once a year. Application deadline is May. (No admission test.) I'm taking the few pre-reqs I need for admission in January. (I have a bachelors degree in another field so I was able to transfer a lot of pre-reqs.) If I don't get in for the 2004 class, then I have to wait and reapply in 2005. I'll run out of classes also if I don't get in with the 2004 class. I'm hoping it won't be an issue! Only time will tell...


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I'm here ... how about this, Spring semmester I *start* my preqs. Orientation was last week and I was pretty bummed in that I have 2 more classes than I thought that must be taken before I can apply to the ADN program. Because of FT schedules/considerations, that means the earliest I could start the ADN is 2 1/2 years from now. I'm trying to just concentrate on one step at a time and not look at the big picture because that would make me scream in frustration.



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I have one more semester to finish organic/biochem and A&P 2 and I will be finished with my preqs! I am also taking a nutrition class online to boost my GPA. I am trying to get into a second degree program that starts fall 04. I won't know if i get in till JUNE!


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i'll be starting my pre-reqs in january, and i'll be taking them forever...i'm only going part time, so i'll finish them up fall 05, but my school only offers nursing I in the fall, so i'll have to take spring 06 off and start nursing in the's to class of 08!!!


*someday i'll be a nurse....someday....*


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Yep, I too will begin taking my pre-reqs next semester. The nursing school I will apply to has no entrance exam, but is suppose to have a high GPA requirement (>3.5/4.0).


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yes, my school requires:

1)high gpa

2)sat of 900 or above, or nln pre exam

3)c or better in all prereqs

i can't wait to just get's been 8 years since i've been in school, and i feel like my brain is going stale, i can't wait to use it again. i can't believe i'm actually looking forward to studying! goal is to have a 4.0, and to be first accepted into the nursing program my semester. high goals, but i know i can do it!!

here's to making some good friends the next four years...


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