Any "C" student graduates???

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i have to ask. i have gotten c's in all my science courses :imbar , mind you i got a's in math and pre-nursing classes :D . i want to know that c students could make it through, and graduate, and pass the nclex! please tell me some of you are not straight a students.......... :chair: i am completely done with all my pre-reqs, and i am just w a i t i n g .......

any encouragement, hope for me??? thanks, heather


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Well, I'll have to confess that I was an almost all 'A' student in NSG school....HOWEVER....I knew plenty of 'C' students who made excellent nurses! The didactic training is not what will get you through your career. Although there is a lot of information to be had through 'book learning' that will be highly useful. But the real test of a nurse is in the clinical arena. If you can properly care for a patient, correctly assess and and implement that care, and, of course, calculate drip rates and do the technical aspects, I see no reason for you to worry too much.

Some people just don't test well, or don't do well w/ standard classroom teaching. But that doesn't mean that those people will be bad nurses, or fail the NCLEX. Keep studying hard, and concentrate on being the best clinical nurse that you can.

If the grades continue to be an issue, and you feel that you're clinical skills are lacking, don't hesitate to work w/ your instructors and ways to improve. If you dream of being an excellent nurse, then you will find a way to fulfill that dream.

Much luck to you!!


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I am a C nursing student and I have made it through the program. It is possible just work hard and you can accomplish anything.


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My classmate and friend who sat next to me in nursing school was a C student...but she is now an EXCELLENT nurse. Her gpa was so low that even the last test was make it or break it...but her clinical work was outstanding. Unfortunately, the tests were what made the grades.


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Thanks for asking such a great question. I am worried about this as well, if I ever can get into Nursing School.

I am pretty much a B student, but worried how it will be with taking so many classes at a time, plus clinicals.

So, this helps a bunch to know C students are doing great! :)

Good luck.


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I was a "C" student in nursing school also. Only I got two B's and a C in the sciences because that was what our college required ( I had to retake a science to get that grade.) But I did get a few C's in my nursing courses. I think when I graduated my gpa was 2.7 or 2.8 (I think I had the lowest gpa in the whole class! I wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier!)But, I managed to pass NCLEX with 75 questions on the first try. You can do it. I am proof of that, you will just have to work harder than some of the others. Good luck! I know you can do it!

P.S. One of my classmates had a saying about C's. "C means Continue!" Continue to work hard, you will get there!


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I wish! In my school, anyone in the nursing program must obtain a B- or better in ANY class, nursing and non-nursing. If you get a C+ in A&P or Micro, you get one chance to take it again, and cannot take any nursing courses in the meantime. So "C" does not = RN at this school. I think it's a little too harsh myself.


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Dang, this is soooo nice to hear! I was beginning to wonder if i am doing all of this hard work (pre-req's) just to flunk out of the nursing program itself! I will hang in there, and work hard.

Anyone else out there??


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There is a school in my area that some people refer to as "The C Student's Last Hope". It is an ADN program that uses a lottery system to grant admission. As long as you have a C or better in all of your prerequisites, you get entered into a lottery. If your number is drawn, you're in; if it's not, you're out of luck! I applied to the program (only because the school is pretty close to my house), but so did 1,000 other people last year. I was one of the 900 people whose number didn't get drawn, so I wasn't offered admission. I did, however, get into my first-choice school which is where I'm at now.


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As I heard many times in nursing school. "A "C" gets the degree!" Grades mean nothing to whether a person will be a good nurse or not.


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Most nursing schools in my parts use the prereqs to weed out candidates. I myself got a C in my first semester of chemistry but it was premed chemistry. My second was nursing chemistry ...much easier...and I aced that. I knew I had to get A-B's in my other prereqs, sciences to balance out that C and get accepted. Perhaps the programs in your parts look at other things besides pre reg grades. Hope so. Good luck. Nursing schools are extremely competititive today and I don't believe the A students or higher degreed necessarily make the best or happiest nurses IMO.


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I worked full time and went to school full time in Nursing school. I made A, B, C's throughout everything. My teachers would always tell me that A = RN, B = RN, C= RN, D = Does not! Always try to do extra credit even if you dont need at the beginning of the semester or if you dont think you need it. On my last semester I had a death in the family and my grades slipped some but did not make a difference because I tried my best on each test, and did extra credit anytime it was offered. Also, Attendance is an important factor! They like it when students are there every class, if you have a problem and miss a lot they are not willing to help you as much!

Hope this helps!

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