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I was picked due to my GPA to be in a special classes that allows only 10 students to spend more time in an area of nursing that they think they might be interested in. I am interested in mother/baby, specifically the newborn nursery. That is where my experience for this class will be. We need to make up 4-5 measureable objectives of things that we would like to accomplish during our time there. This is becoming hard because we really aren't allow to do any invasive procedures or administer medications. If anyone has some ideas of things that would be beneficial for me to participate in or view during this experience in this area I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

So far I've compiled these that I might have to try to tweak to make them somehow measureable:

*Participate in an admission exam to the nursery

*View how a heel stick is done in order to collect blood for screening tests

*Learn how a nursery nurse plans her day and structures it around the needs of the newborns in the nursery

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I thought of something! It's fascinating watching the newborn hearing test--learn how it is done.

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I would do something on patient teaching. There is a LOOOT of patient teaching in OB/PP/newborn nursery.

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And maybe something with breastfeeding. How to assist a new mom with breastfeeding/know when a baby is latched on well and accessing the colostrum.

I don't work in any kind of infant area so I can't really help with specifics, but what about an objective that has to do with teaching/ family education?

What about performing the infant car seat test? Again, I don't work with babies, but I remember this from L&D clinical.

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What about performing the infant car seat test? Again, I don't work with babies, but I remember this from L&D clinical.

This is generally only required for preemies. Depending on the type of facility she'll be at, it may not be something she would get a chance to observe.

How about a Ballard? Can you break that down seperately from the assessment?

Or giving the baby a bath.

Are you allowed to do heel sticks to check for blood glucose? This is probably considered invasive.

How about APGARs.

How about seeing a C-Section or lady partsl Delivery since there is usually someone from the nursery down there.

How about observing a circumcision?

There's a couple of more ideas for you!

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Thank you all so much!! These are definitely getting ideas flowing in my head. While I did have my mother baby clinical last Fall, I didn't get to do or see much and because of that didn't remember all the things that go on on that unit. Thanks again!!

How about hearing screens?

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Breastfeeding is a biggie. The process, the education that goes into it, the support new Mom's need during their hospital stay, the resources available to them after discharge, etc.

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