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  1. Kilika421

    Patient Care Facilitator role?

    Thanks for all the postings and information :)
  2. Kilika421

    Patient Care Facilitator role?

    Yes I saw that but I have to have information that is at least 2008 or more recent. That is why I typed that I tried looking on search engines but couldn't find information that was really helpful.
  3. Kilika421

    Patient Care Facilitator role?

    Hi everyone, As part of a clinical, my group was all divided up to research certain roles of nursing (manager, discharge planner, director, manager, etc) and I was given the role of Patient Care Facilitator. I'm having trouble finding information about just what exactly this person is in charge of, what type of degree he/she needs, how much they make, etc. If anyone here can direct me to places that would have good information, I would greatly appreciate it. I've tried search engines, but nothing really comes up that I could use. Is there possibly another name for this type of role? Thanks so much! Kristen Also, I put this in the general discussion group because I wasn't sure where it would be better suited.
  4. Kilika421

    Should I still apply?

    hi everyone, i've searched this site a lot and have found many other nursing students feeling the pressure to go into med/surg for a year or so straight out of school. i personally went into nursing because i knew that i wanted to work on a mom/baby unit. that was (and still is) my true goal. aside from my ob clinical, i was also in a class where only 10 students were picked (out of 64) and we all were able to choose an area that we'd like to spend more time in. i chose an ob floor and put this additional information on my resume hoping that that could show that i'm serious about wanting to work in this area. i wasn't, however, able to get an internship in this area like i'd hoped. i am wondering about the applying process though. most mom/baby, newborn nursery, & l&d areas of the hospitals i'm looking at all state something like, "minimum 2 years experience required". i would just like to hear from others if i should still apply or if these units seem to be pretty strict on this statement. also is any new grads on an ob floor have any suggestions about their application process or if any hiring nurses have any tips on what they look for, that all would be appreciated as well. thanks! p.s. i know that working as a tech is usually a good way to try and get a foot in, but 1) the hospitals closest to my college aren't currently hiring techs for any mom/baby unit (or if they are they are day shift, full time which i can't do because of school classes) and 2) my college is 2 hours away from my home, where i plan on moving back to once i graduate this may, so getting my foot in the door at a hospital around my school probably wouldn't benefit me if i want to move back home (besides possibly getting a recommendation letter or something).
  5. Kilika421

    Nursing Student Interested In L&D

    As a senior nursing student, I am also starting to think about jobs after graduation and got into nursing because of my desire to work on a PP/L&D unit. I have definitely come across the barrier of seeing the dreaded "minimum 2 years experience" statement on many job postings. See if you can partake in any extra time on that floor. I was picked to be 1 of 10 students who were able to specify an area of interest in order to spend additional, individualized time on a floor or their choice. I was placed on the Mom/Baby unit and I loved it. The extra time is a nice addition to the resume too and I'm currently looking into volunteering a few hours on the Mom/Baby floor next semester as well. It's nice to hear that there are places that look at new grads and I'm trying to keep my head up by hoping that adding these extra things on my resume will show that I really am commited to wanting to be a part of this specialty.
  6. Kilika421

    Any OB/Nursery nurses that can help?

    Thank you all so much!! These are definitely getting ideas flowing in my head. While I did have my mother baby clinical last Fall, I didn't get to do or see much and because of that didn't remember all the things that go on on that unit. Thanks again!!
  7. Kilika421

    Any OB/Nursery nurses that can help?

    Hello, I was picked due to my GPA to be in a special classes that allows only 10 students to spend more time in an area of nursing that they think they might be interested in. I am interested in mother/baby, specifically the newborn nursery. That is where my experience for this class will be. We need to make up 4-5 measureable objectives of things that we would like to accomplish during our time there. This is becoming hard because we really aren't allow to do any invasive procedures or administer medications. If anyone has some ideas of things that would be beneficial for me to participate in or view during this experience in this area I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! So far I've compiled these that I might have to try to tweak to make them somehow measureable: *Participate in an admission exam to the nursery *View how a heel stick is done in order to collect blood for screening tests *Learn how a nursery nurse plans her day and structures it around the needs of the newborns in the nursery
  8. Kilika421

    Certification Suggestions?

    Hello, I am a Senior nursing student who spoke with a career advisor today about polishing my resume to be able to send off pretty soon even though I do not graduate or take my NCLEX until May. She suggested that if I could find any other certification type of opportunities in order to put those on my resume, that that would be a great addition. I've clearly needed to be certified in CPR and first aid, but I was wondering if any one here had any suggestions on any types of programs that I could take as a nursing student that would look good showing up on a resume for future employers as well as helping me to gain information from them. Thank you so much!
  9. Kilika421

    ATI practice tests

    Hi, I know that my school uses ATI tests at the end of each semester. My school only give us a test ID and password for one practice test, but I heard that there are more practice tests for each section. I was wondering if anyone on here had some ID's and passwords to other practice tests. Anything is fine, but I specifically have the Mental health and Pharm ones coming up. Thanks so much! :)
  10. Kilika421

    RN/Lactation Consultant

    Hello, I was just picked to be in a class this coming Fall of my Senior year. It is a special class where only 10 students are picked to experience 48-55 hours of a nursing role or at a nursing site that we might find interesting. I've always thought about OB nursing. NICU isn't an option this Fall and in case I can't be placed in a newborn nursery or in some other area of OB, I'm just trying to look into other areas that might be interesting to explore since this is basically like an additional clinical focused around shadowing. I've wondered about Lactation Consultants. Do they need to be an RN in order to focus in this area or this is something that you just need special training and certification for? I guess my question is, do you think this would be a role worth shadowing if I'm interesting in OB as a nurse after I graduate or if there another area that you feel I should look into more to take advantage of this shadowing opportunity. Thanks so much! :)
  11. Kilika421

    How to get to the destination I hope for

    Actually Northwestern was one of the first that I had looked at and applied for. My friend was able to at least set up a phone interview after submitting his application and he told me that the Northwestern interviewer mentioned that they had hundreds of applications to go through for not many spots.
  12. Hello all nurses.com, For as long as I can remember I have wanted to work in the mother/baby unit. This past semester I had my mother/baby clinical and it secured that idea in my mind that this is where I felt comfortable and could see myself working after nursing school. I am in a BSN program with an expected graduation date of May 2011. I live about 20-30 minutes from Chicago but go to school in Peoria. I have searched high and low for internships/externships around my hometown area while I would be home this summer and have applied to those few that I found. If nothing was listed on the hospital's web page/job section, I emailed the HR person to inquire about any opportunities. The simple fact is is that so many have responded with an email stating that they are having to make budget cuts because of the economy, therefore they are not offering an intership/externship for the Summer of 2010. I'm just nervous because I know that so many mother/baby units require at least a year's experience before even being considered. I was wondering if any of you have had the same dilemma. Were any of you interested in mother/baby but had to work someone else first? If so, what type of unit did you work on and do you feel that it helped toward making the mother/baby transition after a year or two easier or harder? I guess I'm just scared that since I've been so focused on wanting to work on mother/baby I have no direction of where to go if I can not find a job or get hired in that unit right out of nursing school. I thought an internship in that area might help but no internships have been found. Thanks to anyone for their advice!
  13. Hello, I was trying to find some student nurse intern/externship programs for the Summer of 2010 in the Chicagoland/ Northwest Suburbs area but am having a hard time finding any. Does anyone know of any other hospitals in this area that have any programs? I have looked at a few hospitals websites, but nothing comes up. Just wondering if anyone had heard of any, participated in any around this area, or work at a hospital that offers one. Thanks! Oh and I'm a current junior so this would be for the summer before my senior year (if that matters any). I'm interested in labor and delivery or something along those lines but at this point I can't find any intern/externships in general and would appreciate any info.
  14. Kilika421

    Student Nurse tshirts

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone =)
  15. Kilika421

    Student Nurse tshirts

    So my school's student nurse organization is trying to think up some ideas for tshirts/hoodies. Anyone here know of any good slogans or ideas that would be fun? We do have a few guys in the organization so it would kind of have to be gender neutral, but any suggestions would be appreciated =) Thanks!