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I was just picked to be in a class this coming Fall of my Senior year. It is a special class where only 10 students are picked to experience 48-55 hours of a nursing role or at a nursing site that we might find interesting. I've always thought about OB nursing. NICU isn't an option this Fall and in case I can't be placed in a newborn nursery or in some other area of OB, I'm just trying to look into other areas that might be interesting to explore since this is basically like an additional clinical focused around shadowing. I've wondered about Lactation Consultants. Do they need to be an RN in order to focus in this area or this is something that you just need special training and certification for? I guess my question is, do you think this would be a role worth shadowing if I'm interesting in OB as a nurse after I graduate or if there another area that you feel I should look into more to take advantage of this shadowing opportunity. Thanks so much! :)

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IMO, if you can't be in OB or NN, Lactation will be a *Great* benefit to you. So much great information to be had about breastfeeding techniques. Man! that's a great opportunity to become very proficient in a skill set any L&D, Newborn, or OB RN needs. Also, what a way to feel comfortable being an advocate for bfeeding!