Any Nontraditional Students Pursuing Nursing for first Degree?


I'm 22. Still Undergraduate age. Finally worked up the nerves to pursue nursing and am starting in February to become an LVN. Anyone in similar shoes? Tell me Stories! Let me know that I am not a damn failure and there are others in this boat. :confused:


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Why would you consider yourself a failure? Just because you didn't decide right away out of high school what you wanted to do with your life?

That doesn't make you a failure. I don't believe in failure. Instead, I call it "feedback".

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I think you will find MANY people in your class in the same boat. People are entering nursing at all ages. Please do not let it bother you. Many of us found nursing in our 30's 40's and 50's.


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I went into nursing as a second career. I was already married with 3 kids! It is never to late! There were many older than me in my class. Some even had grandchildren. You are still VERY young!


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I'm 24, married, and bought a house 2 years ago. I'm leaving a very stable, good paying job that I hate to go into nursing. I'm terrified that I'll be in a class of 18 year olds that I won't relate to!

I'm glad I'm doing this though. It will be financially tough for the 18 months I'm in school, but then things will be smooth sailing again...

I don't consider myself a failure. I'm much more sure of what I want to do with my life now than I was at 18 when I first went to college (i didn't finish that degree)

Good luck to you and keep positive! You're still very young, life has lots in store for you!

I'm an atypical student, attending a private college. I'm 27 years old, been married for seven years and have two children(3)(1). My school accepts students into their nursing program with the highest GPA and an A on the entrance exam. As someone who failed every math class in high school and who didn't even walk with her class at graduation, I'm proud to say that I'm carrying a 4.0 GPA. You can do anything you set your mind to. You'll be giving up all your free time to studying, but it will be so worth it.


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Don't let your age bother you!

I'm 22 and will be continuing my pre-req's this spring. I plan on entering nursing school in the spring or fall of '10 for a two year RN degree. I screwed around a lot in my first few years of college and so I always feel like I'm going to be the oldest one in the room, but that's just not so! A lot of students at my school are older, married..with kids..and such. Nursing is fascinating because it has people from all ages and walks of life. Good luck! :)


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I'm a little jealous that you found out at age 22 what you want to do with your career. I am ten years older than you and am one semester into my dream of becoming an RN. Others who have posted are right, people from every age group and all walks of life change careers, and many of them go into nursing. My class is very diverse, with people just out of high school, to those married with kids. There are even people in my class with adult children who are also pursuing nursing.

It's never too late to follow your dream. You only have one life, and you are still very young. So congratulations to you for figuring out your career at an early age.


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I wish I was 22 again! Don't let that bother you. I'm 28 and finally going back to school to get my career on track. I was accepted into college at 17 with a full scholarship- I didn't last 1 semester before I dropped out! What a waste- but now I am doing the right thing and could not be happier about the future.


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You are NOT a failure! :redpinkhe

My story-I am 23 about to turn 24 and almost finished with my prereqs and planning on applying to my schools LVN program this spring. I have no children, but have been married about 4 years. I went to a vocational school right out of HS instead of just going to college because I thought massage therapy would be a geat career and I figued if I ever wanted to go back to school I wouldn't be too "old".

I think about it now and I really should have just skipped the vocational school all together! I graduated from there but never did massage again after a less than stellar male client creeped me out on internship:no:. Plus licensing is a PITA, you know some cities/counties in CA require massage therapists to have STD tests submitted to get thier license?! Excuse me but I am no prostitute, I didn't work my tail off in school to be grouped together with that!!

Anyway, I feel like I wasted a lot of time, had I just gone to a CC and started my Gen Ed then I would be in a different palce, but I think it took those experiences so far to help me realize nursing is where I want to be and to take my classes seriously and RESEARCH this career choice and how I can get there. Thanks ALLNURSES for all the info too!! :heartbeat

There are people of all different ages and backgrounds in my classes hopeing to pursue nursing, the kids right out of HS, some my age, married or not, and some ladies with families and children in college in thier 40s starting thier pre-reqs. I think it is wonderful and you know I would rather be in NS and a profession where people from all backgrounds and ages converge instead of everyone being the same age group and very young basically all on the same path.

If this is what you want don't let anything deter you. I sometimes feel like I have nothing to show for all the good grades I got in HS and beyond, but one day I will, even if it takes 1 or 3 or 5 years. What is that when you have a lifetime ahead of you? Even those who are in thier 40's or 50's, there is plenty of time to be a fantastic and competent nurse!! career is a huge aspect of most people's lives but it's not the ONLY one. Keep working towards your dreams, they are not out of reach!

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I was 43 when I decided to pursue a nursing degree- married c/seven children at home.

I was not the oldest in my classes by a long shot.

Be excited about the class work and enjoy the fact that you've made a choice as early as you have :)


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I'm 22. Still Undergraduate age. Finally worked up the nerves to pursue nursing and am starting in February to become an LVN. Anyone in similar shoes? Tell me Stories! Let me know that I am not a damn failure and there are others in this boat. :confused:

What do you mean your 22 and still undergraduate age? Did I miss the age cut off somewhere? :) I'm 37 married, have 3 kids, a dog, a cat, and a herd of cattle. I start the first semester of a BSN program in Jan.

At 22 I didnt have a clue what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Sounds to me like your ahead of the curve.

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