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  1. kayleeray

    LVN program @ HCCS

    Oh wow..that's nuts. I really wish they would have the pre-reqs at other campuses, and not just the one downtown. Eh. Well, fall registration is already open..I'm still going to the info session next week, hopefully I can get the ball rolling on it soon
  2. kayleeray

    LVN program @ HCCS

    I'm debating on whether I should just take the allied health AP or go ahead and do 1&2.. I already have Intro the AP from Cy-fair with a B.. I don't think that'd count, though. Please keep me updated on your application process! I'm going to be attending an information session later this month so hopefully they'll give me all the information I need. I'd like to start the vnsg classes this fall if possible so I can apply into the next fall start.
  3. kayleeray

    LVN program @ HCCS

    Hello all. :) I was wondering if there were any people on the forums that have attended or are going to be attending the vocational nursing program at Houston Community College? There isn't much information online about the program..All I really know is you need the vsng nutrition & anatomy class, take the pre-entrance exam, but what else do I need to do? Would it be better to just take ap 1 & 2 instead of the vocational class for the program (would it look better on the application?) Anyone know how many applicants they accept each fall & spring semester? Also - what math do you need? Thanks!
  4. kayleeray

    TEAS test in 13 days! Applying to HCC LVN

    Could someone in this thread give me a little more information on the application process for the lvn program at HCC? I'd like to attend it in the spring or fall of '11.. I have math 0308, intro ap (made a b - was taken at cy-fair) & nutrition at cy-fair, but i heard that doesn't transfer? I don't even know where to begin. >. Does anyone know how many applicants they get? How many are accepted? If anyone could give me the route they took to get into the program that'd be great. Feel free to reply here or message me!!
  5. kayleeray

    TEAS test in 13 days! Applying to HCC LVN

    You're allowed to take both ap1&2 at the same time at HCC? Just curious because I'm thinking of applying for the LVN program sometime next year..
  6. kayleeray

    American Medical Institute - Houston

    Well, I don't think I'm going to be attending the program anymore. 12k is just waaaay too much to pay and they want 5k upfront, and that's just absurd. Plus, they don't qualify yet for any government financial aid, so all of it would have to be paid in cash, which i just can't do! Back to lonestar I go to work on my gpa (gonna have to retake a few classes) and hopefully apply next spring into the lvn or rn program. Wish me luck!
  7. kayleeray

    Lonestar CC/Cy-fair LVN Program

    I'm going to bump this thread cause I'm curious as to what everyone who is admitted to the fall 2010 program had on their score that got them in.. I plan on applying to the program next spring (it's too late for me this time around) Any info would be great..
  8. kayleeray

    HESI entry, I need help , I am going crazy.

    I'll be taking the HESI pre-entrance exam.. eh..I really do hope we have access to a calculator! I found the pdf study guide by searching through google "hesi a2 pdf" there are various links.... some work, some don't..if you still don't find it, just message me on here and I'll find it for you. I'll be sure to update through this thread once I've taken the exam
  9. While it's totally doable, I would definitely suggest taking it prior to the program. I took ap1 last fall and it's a tough class! You have to dedicate quite a bit of time to it..I took it with nutrition & math, and my math suffered a bit because I had to devote so much time to memorizing everything! It's quite a fun and interesting class, but definitely not easy if you're taking 5 other classes along with it. Plus, I think it'd be easier on someone if they have already had anatomy so they go into the program with knowledge of it already.. It'd make it a heck of a lot easier !
  10. kayleeray

    How did you prepare?

    I'm going to be starting a LVN program this upcoming fall..and while I have quite some to prepare, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for students entering the program this year? Books, sites, anything to help!
  11. kayleeray

    Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!

    I'll be attending (hopefully - just gotta get the 12000 tuition figured out!) American Medical Institute in Houston for the 12 month lvn program. Soooooooooo excited! And a bit nervous hoping I'll be able to find work when I graduate. :)
  12. kayleeray

    HESI entry, I need help , I am going crazy.

    I'm taking the test on the 7th of May..I'm a bit nervous about the math section, but I found online a study guide of sorts..so I'm just going to go through it over & over & over until I get it. I'm not so much worried about reading comprehension, but a tad bit on the science (although it should help I had anatamy 1&2 last fall and have a couple years of college under my belt) About how long does it take usually to complete the test? Are calculators allowed? It's on the computer, correct?
  13. kayleeray

    LVN @ Lonestar

    Laura, thank you! I'm definitely going to see if I can just test out of it..that would save me having to retake Math 0308 for a third time, lol!!! Maybe if that is the case then I have a chance of applying for the fall semester, instead of having to wait another year!!
  14. kayleeray

    LVN @ Lonestar

    & also, I'm currently taking Math 0308, which is the only math required for the program. I took it a few years ago at HCC and made a B in it, but my counselor pushed for me to take it again to freshen up on it. Well, I'm not doing too well in the class (I've put most of my focus on Anatomy & Nutrition) - If I make a C or even a D in it..my other grade won't count, will it? I wish I would have just not retaken it, because I think I'll have to retake it again if I don't pass with a C this time? Eh.
  15. kayleeray

    LVN @ Lonestar

    Hello all. :) I'm thinking of trying to get into the LVN program @ Cy-fair (or any of the other ones!) in spring '11. I've got an A in Intro Anatamy..Does anyone know when I could take the HESI pre-entrance exam? Also - I'm looking for any information anyone has on the program - How many do they usually accept? Does Cy-fair have a spring & a fall start? Would you say it's less competetive than the RN program? I've been through the website over & over lately, but not really finding answers to some of the questions I have. Thanks. :redpinkhe
  16. kayleeray

    Cost of CNA class

    I'm taking my CNA course this summer. It's only costing 330$ for the class, plus the cost of scrubs, the text book, and the state test. So, I'm figuring around low-400. Totally worth it, though!