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Any News from CSU Stanislaus for Spring 2012?


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I don't think I got into Sac State. I didn't get an email tonight, and neither did my best friend who also applied for Sac's program. The emails are going out today and tomorrow. Usually, the people who got accepted get their letters first. Then, the alternatives get theirs last.

There is still hope. Most likely I think we'll hear from Stan next week even though the 1st three days of December are this week. I read other posts from last year and they received them around the dec. 8 th. So yea.

Hey bribal how many points were you in for sac state????

Another post said the seat #80 got in with 62 points so if that's true good luck hoping the best for all!!!! And this is for sac state. Ugh can't wait for stanislaus letter next week!!!

Some people got their letters already. Have you Guys heard of anything? I'm still waiting nervously

Just got my letter, I'm an alternate at 24. Anyone know how high they went up on the list last time around?


I don't think it's very high for Spring. I heard people in the 20s on the waitlist got in for Fall.

What the heck supposedly I did get even considered

It says I haven't completed my pre reqs which is false. Its a mistaken and I have to wait yet another day to clear it out.

Hey guys, my roommate got her letter today. She didn't get in. :( As for myself, I didn't even get a letter! DID ANYONE ELSE HEAR FROM STANISLAUS?????!!!

Also, they made a mistake on her letter, stating that she retook her pre-reqs more than twice, which is NOT true. She only retook a class one time. I wonder what is going on?

Mine said didn't meet pre reqs. Isn't it just micro anatomy physiology (from a different college)and bio Chem??? I was kinda disappointed.

Question is it ok to have anatomy and physiology taken from different schools? That shouldn't matter huh

No Mike, that should not matter. Last time I applied, I got put on the wait list because I had Physiology in progress (from a JC). This time I applied, I have all pre-preqs completed. I wonder why I have not gotten my letter yet?!

Hey Waylonlove, What was your TEAS score and your nursing GPA? Did you get any of the extra points for living in the area or anything?

I'm calling first thing in the morning!

Anyone else think they made a mistake???? Or something...

Good idea! Please share the info when you get the chance! What were your stats when you applied?

Wrong freakn math class she said that I had a good chance and was sad to not even consider me for spring

What the....? Which math? DIdn't you have to take Stats? What was your GPA for your pre reqs and what was your TEAS score?