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Any News from CSU Stanislaus for Spring 2012?


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by the way have you attended New Student Orientation for Stanislaus spring 2012? do we have to attend. i registered to attend on DEC. 2 and i didnt get a call back from the nursing department regarding whether or not to attend. i mean if we dont have to that would be great because i dont want to waste my time...i live in southern california thats why...can anyone answer this? i know there are some CURRENTLY READING readers out there hahaah

no and i may be wrong, but i remember reading somewhere that if our decision to attend the university depends on our acceptance to the nursing program, then we do not have to register for an orientation and there are separate instructions. you shouldn't take my word, but i'm trying to get a hold of the NSO office right now.

yea thanks. i did call them and they said that YEA YOU HAVE TO COME BLAH BLAH BLAH. they just want 75 bucks to say welcome to CSU stanislaus. i just dont want to go and feel like i got into the program...haha thats the feeling i had with CSU san bernardino and i didnt get in a month after NSO. bummer.

By the way how many points do you think you got for this nursing application. Im so nervous for mine

just called @parkjjudy they said No we dont have to come because if we do get in there is a special orientation for just nursing students. (which i hope i do get in) and yeah for anyone else who signed up for DEC 2 you dont have to go because like i just mentioned.... and its a bit of a relief to not take a 6hr drive and then coming home to, hopefuly not, bad news.

awesome, thank you for sharing! yes, i would've also faced a 5+ hour drive.

i forget exactly how much my points came out to.. believe it was mid 60's. not a competitive score, really.

same here 60s wow. we are kinda in the same boat. i cant help but reading other post and how they got accepted. Last spring they recieved their letters around DEC 7-8. so yea until then. and then i read others who got alternate #86. do you think thats us???? my goodness. and then a funny thread about a girl having anxiety attacks online hahaha she was #26 and slowly she got in and that was the end of her wait....wow...im scared

i suppose it's comforting to know someone else is in a similar situation as you. :] great, that'll either be the worst/best birthday present ever for me.

whatever happens, you have to keep your head up! just keep up your determination and remember why you're pursuing this.

that is all i want for christmas. getting in. I have been so nervous lately that at gathering when we are all eating and enjoying ourselves i just blankely stare at my plate...sometimes. but yea i cant even enjoy the holidays. this is not a good time to be worried it should be a time of happiness and assurance. ahhaha gotta make the best out of it.

wow 170+ applicants! That is scary! I am surprised because I have heard how there are always less apps in the Spring. Good luck to everyone who applied. I can't wait to hear back :)

Yea I hope it's less though. And yes we may hear next week. How many points did you apply with? Im nervous for mine!!!

I sure hope so! Like parkjjudy said, it will either be a really good or bad bday surprise for me haha..I have about 90 points. I'm praying that's enough!

Yea that is enough!! Goood

Job. And yes sameness too praying!

I'm not applying for Spring but would love to know the stats on those of you who get in! Please post what your points were and what they were for. I want to compare to see if I just might stand a chance for next fall:)

Hey guys, I am still waiting to hear back from Stanislaus as well. ------ at the front office in the NUrsing Department told me we should hear back "the beginning of December". So I am guessing we will hear back by the first week or no later than the second week. Has anyone applied to any other schools? I applied to Stanislaus, Sac state, and San Bernardino. I got accepted into San Bernardino's program, I am just waiting to hear from back the other two. I received a letter stating that we should find out "on or before November 28th". So, I guess tomorrow (Monday, Nov 28) is "THE day". Good luck everyone.

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So we hear from stanislaus today maybe???? I'm freaking out. I'll be waiting for the mail so badly!!!!! Hhahaha

Oh and congrats on san bernardino!!!

Thanks Mike! I was referring to Sac state when I said we will find out if we got in by today. So far, both my best friend and I have not heard anything. As far as Stanislaus, we should hear by the first or no later than the second week of December. Ahhh I am SO nervous.

And how did sacramento go any good news?