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Any News from CSU Stanislaus for Spring 2012?


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I'm not sure. I asked the same thing today. She said it changes every semester. That's a lot of applicants for spring semester! You should call & ask there opinion. They're so nice there. If you transfer you would get 8 pts for being a student & 7 for living in the area next application period.

I will call again Monday. Yes, they are very Friendly there, especially Lori, who usually answers the phone. Hopefully I find out soon or get solid advice from ------ when I call.

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I got the rejection letter too, they said since I re-took two classes I was ineligible (micro and physio from a cc didn't transfer) but that rule doesn't go into effect till Fall '12! I called them and it turned out I was accepted, so I hope your second letter is in the mail!

I got my letter of acceptance the other day. I had a GPA of 4.0 across the board and I got a 76 of the teas. I also got the residency and the bilingual points. Overall I believe my points were in the low 90s if this helps anyone to know where they stand.

Waylonlove I am waiting for Chico too. Just saying. I'm so nervous especially knowing I blew any chance with csu Stan.

Miketbp, let us know what you hear from Chico. I hear they are mailing the letters today. I'm going to try and call Stanislaus when I get home today, they sent me an financial aid award letter but I have no idea what the list is looking like now....Stanislaus is closer to home so I'd rather do that then Chico.

Please explain to me coffee bean! I wasn't able to be considered because of my math statistics I only took college algebra. Do you think so? Im not sure I'll get another letter from them. It's kinda late I think.


Did you call in order for them to sending you the second letter or did they realize that themselves?


I guess I might see something in the mail tomorrow or Friday. Are the first letters out rejections ?

^^^^ talking about Chico and the other message about stanislaus. Sorry if it's confusing

I misread one of your posts, I thought it was the same reason as mine, I'm sorry about that! They realized their mistake and left a message saying so, but of course I read the letter first and freaked out..

If you mentioned it in the posts I'll read through again to see, but are you taking stats right now?

No I will for spring. But I wont apply until spring next year I didn't apply anywhere for the fall

I don't remember statistics though or else I wouldn't have done that school app. I hated it when she said if only I took that class my chances looke really good but you never know. I can't cope with that day. Ugh last hope is chico