Any former Marine grunts going into nursing?

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I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps infantry and now I'm trying to get my pre-reqs knocked out to get into the RN program in Pensacola. Any other 03s out there doing the same? I was hoping I wasn't alone.

OOOORAH DEVILDOG!!! I wasn't a grunt but I flew ya'll around in K-Bay. After I got out in 04' I became a paramedic and I will finish Nursing school this semester. You are not alone, there are plenty of us around the healthcare field.

Semper Fi, brother! It's encouraging to know there is other devildogs out there getting into the nursing field.

USAF KC-135 crew chief for 6 years.....working with aeromedical ops over in Turkey I became hooked with the flight nurses and now I graduate nursing school in 4 months

Eight years as a LEO, police & sheriff's departments. Begin nursing school tomorrow.

Wasn't a Marine, I just got out of the Army where I was a track vehicle mechanic. Looking forward to starting prereqs here in a couple weeks.

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One of CRNA classmates was prior Marine Infantry. A lot of prior enlisted will get out and then come back in as nurses.

You are not alone my friend. I'm former Navy SWCC and 3 other guys in my class that are retired Marine, AF and Army! I'm lucky that I have guys in my class that I can actually relate to.

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Semper Fi. CH-46 pilot here turned ANGLICO reservist...

I'm a Marine (AD 1999-2006), but not a grunt- though I am married to one. =) I just finished nursing school in May and after PCS'ing to the opposite side of the country, will start my first RN job next month.

I'm former Army enlisted (11C) and also a FF/EMT. One of the 2 other guys in my nursing program at a local CC was also prior service (Naval officer). There are not a ton of ♂'s overall in nursing but many do seem to be former service members.

Maybe we're just more secure in our our masculinity than non-vets?

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Interesting... most of the xyrn's at work are vets... I was the only vet in my class, though.

Navy Hospital FMF Corpsman with 1st mardiv and 3rd fssg....OhhhhhRahhhh

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