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  1. twntrbo15

    Dialysis and cath lab

    I work dialysis, cath lab and picc team currently and I will say the call schedule and hours are more demanding by far for cath lab. I tend to mostly work dialysis and picc's and like the flexibility I have. Every now and then i pick up shifts in the ICU because they are short staffed. Between all my specialties I will say dialysis is defintely the most chill
  2. twntrbo15

    Moving to Anchorage

    Not a new grad, but will be moving up there in about a month to work at Alaska Native medical center. I have read in a couple places that they have new grad residency programs.
  3. twntrbo15

    Ketchikan Anyone

    I know I'm reviving an old thread, but I've been offered a position here and would like to know if anyone has worked here before?
  4. twntrbo15

    Inter Amer Arecibo

    Any info from current students or people who have interviewed?
  5. twntrbo15

    CRNA program in Puerto Rico

    Anyone have any information regarding any of the programs in PR?
  6. twntrbo15

    Puerto Rico CRNA programs

    Any info from a current student would be huge. I plan to apply to state schools first, but wouldn't be against a school in PR depending on their track record, curriculum and pass rate. I've had one nurse tell me to stay away, but that's all so far.
  7. Most likely a lot higher. I know that on my new unit I see a more male presence than prior units.
  8. twntrbo15

    travel nursing in Alaska

    bringing back an old thread to see if I can get some updated information. Looking to travel to Alaska and would like to see what specialty seems to be the most in demand. I have experience in CTICU, CCU and I am currently working in dialysis. I plan on trying to get an assignment in a larger city. Thanks for the help
  9. twntrbo15

    Baycare Tampa Bay

    I believe she was only making $17-$19. It blew me away
  10. twntrbo15

    Baycare Tampa Bay

    I don't work for Baycare, but i am currently working at Tampa General Hospital in their ICU rotation program. From a travel nurse perspective i can't help you since i'm a relatively new grad, but this hospital is great. It's located on Davis Island, which is pricey area, but i met a travel nurse that was put in a penthouse on the island overlooking the ocean. Granted her hourly rate is less than what i make, but the housing alone has to be crazy.
  11. twntrbo15

    Any former Marine grunts going into nursing?

    You are not alone my friend. I'm former Navy SWCC and 3 other guys in my class that are retired Marine, AF and Army! I'm lucky that I have guys in my class that I can actually relate to.
  12. twntrbo15

    Is working during Nursing School a good idea?

    i know in my class there are literally a handful of people that work. I work on Fri and Sat as a bartender so its not too bad. You just have to be able to time mangae your studies and finances... i can only imagine if you have a family to support. I'm a single guy and it sucks for me LOL
  13. twntrbo15

    What to expect first semester/first year of nursing school?

    I cant speak for other programs, but in mine, we were in class for the fist couple of weeks and then we started doing rotoations in a rehab center. It was good experince, but got old very quickly. As far as textbook info, you are going to learn the FUNDAMENTALS of nursing care. I had a BS in biomedical sciences and struggled a little bit mainly because i "over thunk" a lot of common sense things. You will do fine and congrats!
  14. Electrolytes and cardiac are big ones in my program
  15. twntrbo15

    CRNA Vs. MD

    I think you are a little mistaken about the time frame. It is a lot faster to become a CRNA as opposed to an MDA, but you are also going to make a lot less as a CRNA compared to an MDA. Not a lot of people will admit it, but most people want to be CRNA's because of the money. Sure you may enjoy helping people and the science behind the drugs you get to use, but that high paycheck is also a great bonus.