Any former Marine grunts going into nursing?

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I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps infantry and now I'm trying to get my pre-reqs knocked out to get into the RN program in Pensacola. Any other 03s out there doing the same? I was hoping I wasn't alone.

I have a cruise book from Aug '90- April '91, and the CO of Wpns CO is named Calhoun. Don't know the guy, so I have no idea if he ran marathons. :p You're probably in here....... (no idea why my husband has this cruise book, but he's asleep and when I tried to ask him, he just mumbled and went back to sleep).

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6312, VMA 311 Tomcats Avionics, 1997-2002.

Seriously considering going back in as a Navy nurse.

Not a military member but planning to join. I'm a career-confused 19-year old who's struggling to make a decision. My family convinced me to pursue a degree in Nursing for the money and high job demands. I wanted to join the military, but I don't know anyone who can talk to me about it. Advice anyone?


Thanks to all of you for your service.:bowingpur

not a grunt but I was 0481...remember the red patchers! I am a nurse resident starting this week. Man, nursing school sucks. Semper Fi, guys!

I was a Marine grunt. 11 and a half years. I was med sep'd in feb '10. 98-03 i was an air winger in yuma, then lat moved to infantry till feb 2010.... stationed at pendleton. 1st LAR bn and then IMEF G-3...

I just started nursing school in sept 10 and i will grad in dec 12. I also work at a hospital as a patient sitter... It has given me an interesting perspective as i go through school. In april i can apply to be a NAP, which will be good...

I would love to go back into service as an RN, but my ankle has the strength of a dorito, and as any grunt can attest, the back and knees of an 80 year old man.

fight the good fight!!!!

Semper fi.. oh and in 2 days happy birthday!!!!

Not USMC but spent 10 yeas in the Navy as a PR1, I'm trying to knock out those pre-recs to and work full time. good luck to you bro.

I see you posted this back in 2010, so maybe you won't see this. But yeah, I was Marine Infantry as an 0311 prior to becoming an RN. It was a shock from going from a platoon consisting of only males to a Nursing School program where I was the sole male in the program. I've been an RN now for over 3 years now, and I can tell you that's a whole different ball game, but every much as challenging. Just a different kind of challenge. I do not know of your past, but serving in a combat theater helped me in many ways. I love the path I've chosen after the Infantry. Its a different world, but I think your training in the infantry will be a great asset in your future, providing you can leave certain experiences you faced as a Grunt in the past and not allow you to hinder your future as an effective RN. Semper Fidelis.

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Hey I'm interested where you are now almost 8 years later lol.

I'm former Infantry (Mortarman) US Army.

I begin the RN program at my college this Fall!

I'm anticipating not very many men, let alone Veterans.

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