Any former Marine grunts going into nursing?

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I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps infantry and now I'm trying to get my pre-reqs knocked out to get into the RN program in Pensacola. Any other 03s out there doing the same? I was hoping I wasn't alone.

Hello everyone. Just joined the site, pretty awesome information so far. Just finished pre-reqs and am starting in Sept. Cant wait. I am a prior Marine LT that absolutely loves what he is doing now, and agree with the extra benefit of having the military background. Best of luck!

I'm currently in the Air Force and will be getting out early next year and plan on becoming a nurse as well. Got one more semester to knock out my pre-reqs this fall. Will be moving to Orlando, and most likely applying to most of the CCs there. Then finish up my BSN at UCF, hopefully I can get into SSC for there concurrent progam they have with UCF.

By the way everyone. Does anybody have any experience in travel nursing? That's what I really want to get into once I graduate. I'm particularly interested in Alaska. I've heard that you can't get into it unless you have a little experience under your belt first. But then again, that's just what I've heard. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Nope DevilDog youre not alone. Just got out of the Air Force. Working on prereqs

I am current in the U.S. Army, 31b (MP) hooah! I just wanna say that I just passed my NCLEX-RN boards yesterday! It's nice to see other servicemen going into this field!

Was not a marine. Army Special Forces 05-09.

Honestly after being deployed and the long days and hours I am looking forward to a 3 day work week.

But I do agree that especially the group of kids my age and a little older that have had the combat stress will be a great asset to the medical profession.

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Former Marine.

Not a grunt, though, an air winger.

United States Navy 1977-1983 and damned proud of it. 50 yo when I started back to school, finishing my pre-reqs spring 2011, hopefully NS fall 2011.



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25 years in the Coast Guard (Hospital Corpsman) retired in 07. Using post 9-11 GI Bill for my NP (what a great deal). Proud to be among those who served/serve the public (EMT/Paramedic, firefighters).

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I am an RN but I work with a PCT who is going to nursing school and he was in the Marines during the first Gulf war.

I spent 6 years in the Navy, FC, Aegis Type. Headed to school this fall to finish my last 2 years. Hoping to have a couple of vets in my class, we'll see

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I spent 6 years in the Navy, FC, Aegis Type. Headed to school this fall to finish my last 2 years. Hoping to have a couple of vets in my class, we'll see

No way! I was a MK 86 tech on the Cowpens in Yokosuka.

OP, there are so many people in this field that are coming from the same background. Like someone else said, almost all of the guys who are in Nursing are either coming from a military medicine, military or EMS background. I cover all three. I was a Fire Controlman in the Navy who cross rated and became a Corpsman. After I got out I went to Florida medic school and am about to start the Nursing Transition program next month.

After being out for 4 years, I've learned that there is such a great group of people doing this because we all come from very similar backgrounds. Good Luck!

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