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Any Excelsior program nursing students out there??

I am looking at pursuing my nursing degree using the Excelsior program. I work full time as a paramedic and can't afford to take the time off to go to a traditional nursing program. I heard a rumor that MO was not going to accept RN's who obtained training through Excelsior. Has anyone else heard this, or is this just another rumor? Any comments will be helpful to me as I am trying to make a decision fairly quickly. Thanks...

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I personally do not know anyone who has done the Excelsior program. As far as Missouri accepting Excelsior graduates, a quick look at the approved programs through Missouri Division of Professional Registration website did not include Excelsior. Missouri Division of Professional Registration You may want to look through this website to see if there is more information or contact them directly.

Another good place to browse through would be the distance learning forum on this site. https://allnurses.com/forums/f125/ There may be more information there as well.

Have you considered checking into part-time or evening/weekend programs in the KC area? This may be an option for you as well.

Good luck!


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There is an evening weekend program at Jefferson College in Hillsboro, MO


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I contacted the state board in MO a few years ago and they were still accepting Excelsior grads and only one other LPN to RN program and that was Chamberlain. I work with a woman who passed her boards as an Excelsior grad about 2 years ago. There are several of us where I work in the program now and as far as I know right now, MO BON still accepts Excelsior.

I'd send an email or call the BON to be sure.

Great! Let me know what you find out. I now have 3 people at my work who want to do the program


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I am a nursing student with EC. I have completed NC1 and NC3. I take NC4 next week. I called the MO BON a few months ago and they assured me that Excelsior is accepted. Good luck to you!


thanks rn_wannabe2008. i really appreciate the information!!


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MO BON excepts Excelsior, but the glitch comes when you apply for a KS license, you need to work in MO for 1,000 hours before KS will give you a license... this is just a heads up from someone who is seriously looking at Excelsior.. when you get your license it will say RN not the school you attended so good luck......

Thats not too bad. About 6 months before you can apply to KS. I could swing that no problem. Thanks for the information though!


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Medic74, I called the MO BON today 1/18/07 and was assured that Excelsior was approved by the board, What was said to me is that any school could lose accreditation. but that Excelsior was approved just like other schools and there are quite a few Excelsior students in Missouri.

I attended a LPN program and the BON did one of its routine inspections of the program, it was put on probation, so I know that it doesn't matter where you

go, things could happen. I so don't listen to the nay sayers. Pursue your education. In KC our options for a

ADN are very narrow. Park U's program is Lpn to RN and cost $18,000 in 2006, Penn Valley has a waiting list....

That leaves you with Graceland, UMKC, William Jewel and a couple of others that have BSN programs.

Excelsior seems a good option.......

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