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57 And I Made It Into Nursing School!!!!!!!

roseofKY roseofKY (New) New

I got my phone call yesterday. It is official and I start LPN classes this Monday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited as this has been a life long dream of mine. I will turn 58 this year and I have decided to go for it. I took care of my adoptive son from age 6 weeks until his death at the age of 9 1/2 years. I did his trach care, changed his g-tubes and many other things. I provided care for my dad the last 4 months of his life before he died of cancer. I have always wanted to be a nurse. I love helping people and taking care of them. I am attending night classes so this will take me two years to complete, unless I get to the point where I can attend days. I have two sons I have since adopted, they are now 9 years and 11 years old and I have had them since they were 5 months old and 2 years old. I am just so darn excited. I excelled on the TEAS test (YEAH!!!) I have taken numerous medical classes preparing for this. My goal is first LPN, then maybe on to RN, I haven't decided yet. I know one thing, you are never to old to go for your dream. Thanks to all who have listened to this rambling rose from Kentucky. :p

What an inspiration. Im so happy for you. Good luck in the coming year!

I'm 53 and graduating in August. You go girl! We're all proud of you.:yeah::lol2::D:p:uhoh3::redbeathe:cheers:;):kiss:rolleyes::bugeyes::eek::):smokin::bow::thankya::yelclap: Hang around here when you need some strength and hope, and come back it you have some to give.

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Congrats on your acceptance! There are many people on this site who went back to school later in life. Come back her when you need encouragement. You will find that your life experience is a real asset in nursing school. You can do it!

Well, this news is certainly encouraging to many! Congratulations! :yeah:

well Rose, i have no idea who you are but that is quit a feat!! Congrats and good luck!

congrats, sounds like you like kids too.

~ congratulation ~ :yeah::up::):p:lol2::D

i am very admire you!!! and i know you'll be a great nurse.:nurse::redpinkhe


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