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I've been self employed 25 of my 52 years. The rest has been sales or sales management.

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  1. A New Start


    I'm 5' 10" ; weigh 260 and i'm 53 yrs old. Where they at? I'll send those perverts to therapy! All kidding aside. I was worried about nudity too. (Not my own). I took a C.N.A. course first. It helped me work that out. Follow your heart. For me when I was first told, "God sent you to me" I was healed! So come on in. Your modesty will cause you to treat the sick and dying with respect. Keep your soft heart, and don't suffer fools! You push, and I'll pull. A New Start
  2. A New Start

    Has anyone successfully completed an LVN-to-RN program?

    You sound like you still have one foot in and one foot out. Are you too afraid of critical care or not called You have done what you wanted to do. Now what you want to do. Decide,. Then put them BGPs on and do it! Your admirer, A New Start
  3. A New Start

    "Nurses Are So Mean"

    Look at the length and tone of your rant. You sound every bit as whiney as the people you complain about. I agree many of the folks are too sensitive. Most are younger. They just lack the skills or the confidence to defend themselves. But its the responsibility of us elders to give them a good professional example. I've witnessed many a pigtailed RN get abused by a Dr, or an old burned out nurse that should have quit a long time ago. Everyone in this business has seen the toxic culture of many nursing teams. Its just true. I'm fortunate. 90% of women and men I've worked with are pros that I want to emulate. You said you're entitled to have a bad day. If you try to take your bad day out on me, I'll put you in your place, fast! And I'm a 53 year old LVN student. I don't know why the bullies don't pick on me, but they dont. Now if whiney posts bother you, go away. But don't just come on here and puke. You said you didn't like it yourself. I'm lucky. I respect my colleagues, and they respect me. All the way from the top to the bottom. We leave most our problems at home. And we keep one another accountable. We do care for one another on the side as time permits. Mostly, we remind one another of the folks whose feelings are most important. The patients. It's about our patients. Keep coming back. A New Start
  4. A New Start

    Male Nursing Students

    Just a couple of hours south of Lubbock. The pay is better than Lubbock, and I haven't seen any grad that was serious, unemployed. Come on down! A New Start
  5. A New Start

    How do you overcome nervousness when with patients?

    It helps me to remember what I'm bringing them. I'm bringing mercy. Here's an example. The other day I had to remove a JP drain. Pt had a new LUQ colostomy, a central line, JP line, a NG tube, a foley, and an IV. It was my first contact with her and I introduced myself and asked her if she was ready to get rid of some tubes. "I sure am!". I want this thing pout of my nose!". I said, "I want to pull it to, but if I did, you'd go to throwing up, and I don't wanna me in here helping you heave with that sore belly, do yopu?". Quickly, she said "No sir". I said , "Well the best one to start on will be that belly line with the bulb on it. It'll be a little uncomfortable coming out, but you'll feel better when its done. And we'll be one step closer to home.". She was ready to go! You see what I was doing? We were talking about what she wanted....freedom from those tubes. Please don't take this the wrong way, but don't think about your nerves. Think about theirs! You'll immediately feel more confident and so will the Pt. Nothing to be nervous about. You have been appointed as one of the lucky people chosen to dispense mercy. Its right up there with forgiveness. Wow! Good luck! Hang tough! You push and I'll pull. A New Start
  6. A New Start

    Ages of male nursing students?

    53 years old. Started the program in August. We have 21 students in my flight. 5 are male. Only one person besides me over 30. I've been surprised how much my age has helped. In the past, I've helped care for 6 parents (2 from previous marriage, and one still kicking) and I've got 4 kids and 5 grand kids. I've had several surgeries, hospital stays, and chronic problems myself. (Hope God doesn't get me back for the way I acted) "Been there, done that" helps a lot. School is stressful, and I've had to remind myself I'm not boss anymore several times. Not earning a living bruises my ego, but I'm well married and that helps. I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I've wanted to quit several times already, but coming here helps a bunch. The added humility and patience doesn't hurt me. (Yep, that's a lie) Sometimes I think I drive the class nuts. Hope they get well. The instructors have been very patient with me so far. I'll never forget them. I'm a little crusty, but all my teachers have been charge nurses. They aren't scared and they don't seem to take a challenge personally for the most part. If I persist, I believe these people can lead me to amazing new experiences of participating in many healings to come. Your age doesn't matter. When you get down, come here and share your experience and hope, no matter what it is. Somebody needs it! Break off your quitter. Keep reminding me of that too. Good Luck! Here we go >>>>>> God bless my Instructors! See there? I feel better. I think I'll go get me another bite of fluid/electrolyte balance.
  7. Thank you for your encouragement. I am completing my second week in school, and I'll have to say the RNs in my life have been real champions. Last week my wife asked me to look in on my mother in law, because she was having increasing swelling in her feet, breathlessness, sleeplessness and a tummy ache. It scared me when I saw her, because she was pail, weak, crying, and making crackling sounds from across the room. Mind you, this girl just quit bowling last year because her average went below 150 and it made her mad. SHE IS 85 years old! I took her vitals. Her pulse was around 115. It was hard to count because of irregularity. Every blood pressure reading (waiting 5 minutes between) was high but different every time, so I didn't trust my skills. (I'm a recent CNA) She had a blood pressure machine and at least it had a hard time too because of the irregularity. It had to read 4 times before it settled on 130/100. She had been sleeping sitting straight up and leaning over a table for several nights and hadn't had a BM for 6 days. (She hadn't told us because she knew her daughter would insist on Dr's visit.) I couldn't read a pedal pulse because of the edema. But when I let go, my finger impression stayed. She felt like memory foam. And I could hear only occasional gut sounds. She didn't want to go to the hospital, but had an appointment the next morning, and she promised to go. I sure didn't want to play doctor, so I wrote a report for my wife with my observations (now I learn that's called an assessment) and it clearly stated I was concerned about possible A Fib, CHF, and impaction. I wish I had put her in the car and took her that night! I'm still kicking myself. My wife went with her the next morning. He didn't have admitting privileges, so he set up x-rays and set appointments 2 and 3 days out with a cardiologist, and a gastroenterologist. We didn't make it to those appointments though. Before she made the first Dr's appointment, her feet started WEEPING water! Enough to SOAK a towel! Our daughter checked on her while I was in school. She put her right in the car and headed for the ER. (Wish I'd have done that on Sunday) Our daughter didn't give her options, just a command presence. I have to remember that one. Sure enough, it was all true. They pulled 14# of fluid off her that afternoon and evening, and got the heart slowed down to around 100 but not back in rhythm. It took two days of enemas and dulcolax to get her bowels going by Sunday morning. But when I got there Sunday morning, I noticed a mental status change and reported it to the nurse immediately. My wife brought things from home to help orient her and I got her a newspaper. She wasn't improving much, so I insisted the Cardiologist be called. Nobody liked that. When he came, he said he would put her on a schedule for a MRI. He suspected a CVA. I couldn't believe it. We suspect a CVA and we're going to get in LINE for a MRI?????!!!! As my daughter says, "NOT!" I threw a fit! Anyway to make a long story short, she WAS having a stroke. I stayed in the room and tried to help calm her. The noise of the MRI had made her very agitated and combative. She thought we were trying to kill her! Some of the nurses were getting tense by then, because I wasn't waiting for anything anymore! Every time they made a decision, I said, "Why?" Bless their hearts. When she got back to telemetry from the MRI, one of the young RNs asked me to leave the room. The rest of the family was outside. I'll never forget what the older charge nurse told her. "Leave him alone. He's one of us. He's a nurse." I said, "A wanna be." She said, "No, you're a nurse." I felt bad for being so assertive earlier. A lot more happened that night. You wouldn't believe all of it, but I'll never forget it. I won't bore you. It wasn't about me. I need to be reading! But my 2nd Mom is in Rehab working to get as much back as she can. My Mom #1 passed away just 7 months ago in the room just a few yards away across the hall. This I promise. I WILL TRUST MY INTUITION AND FIGHT FOR MY PATIENTS FROM NOW ON WHETHER I MAKE IT THROUGH SCHOOL OR NOT! Whether I'm a student, a LVN, an RN or a layman, I'm going to advocate for my those that need me. Honestly though, I don't know if I can take all the drama. You can imagine what my reading comprehension has been like this past week. My teachers keep saying, "Keep going. One foot, then the other." I'm 53 years old. God tugs me to those books. And I remember someone already called me a nurse. But we'll have to see. I'm like a new colt on wobbly knees. But whether I become a "real nurse" or not, I will always admire those of you who stuck it out. I thank God for ALL nurses. EVEN YOU GROUCHY ONES! A New Start
  8. i'm a brand new baby 52 year old lvn student. i've been told, i was accepted to begin in 3 weeks. yep. grandpa is finally putting his big girl panties on, and going to nursing school! this is why i've chosen the lvn route. time. i have procrastinated too long. why do i want to be a nurse (even a lowly lvn)? because i want to help. because i've had wonderful nursing care myself and i've always admired the profession. because i've thought about it for years! because i have a lot to give. this gray hair was bought with a price! because it's facinating! (i didn't know my wife and daughters had gonads until recently) in a moment of clarity a few weeks ago, i made a spreadsheet using data from salary.com and the us department of labor and found out that an average rn makes more than a lpn. duh! but the difference in the average was smaller than i thought. probably due to specialties chosen, experience, shift differentials and more. anyway, i found out that it takes 8 years to recover the difference in money when you account for one additional year of education, and one year lost wages. and we all know most adn programs are really 3 years work in disguise, not 2 years. i'm not saying it's about money. it's about time. i can help a lot of people in 8 years! can i get more education, too? sure. will i? we'll see. as to worrying about someone putting me down? they can bite my sphygmomanometer! you have to get your self esteem from inside. i've been a small business owner or sales person most of my life. i've had titles and money, and i've gone without either one for periods of time. they don't matter. other people's opinion about me don't matter either. what will i do with the time i have left? who will i give it to? live, give, and love, a new start
  9. I've just been accepted to start LVN school in August. I'm increasingly concerned about what appears to be the omnipotent powers of the the Texas B.O.N. I need an old head or two to tell me if I'm just a worry wart, or give me some guidance on how nurses protect themselves legally from unjust attacks. I have family members in Law Enforcement. They use a pre-paid Legal aid service called C.L.E.A.T. Law Enforcement also has agressive self enforcement systems in place. No one appreciates the protection AND THE RISKS that come with due process any more than policemen/women do. When accused...........you need a professional gladiator working in your interest. To be fair to the B.O.N., I've reviewed many disciplinary court orders and it appears the system works pretty well most of the time. Never the less, I'm a 52 year old male. I've seen my share of vindictive false attacks. Already in school, I've seen some young students engage in some hateful attacks on each other (nothing of lasting harm or involving the B.O.N.). I just think about being a 52 year old male LVN at the mercy of one or two to those young folks (in a supervisory role), and it makes me shudder. I've been in business most of my life and I don't just lean back in the "safe" arms of omnipotent state guardian agencies or the safety of human resource departments. The B.O.N. works in the public interest (as they should), the hospitals work in the interest of their ROI (naturally). But who's going to work in MY interest besides me? I'm no attorney. Smart attorneys don't even represent themselves. Does Texas have a pre-paid Legal Advocacy organization for Nurses? What say ye? Worry wart, or wise old man? Please understand. I don't seek release from accountability. I'm quite responsible. It's just that I want fairness.........even if it cost me yearly dues. :typing Thanks, A New Start
  10. Sorry for long time to answer. Still finding my way around. A Street Hawker is a Newspaper vendor that sells street side. Far more lucrative than most folks think.
  11. A New Start

    Where is money wasted in healthcare?

    I'm just a lowly 52 year old pre-nursing student, but your subject is one of the biggest reasons for me to enter nursing. I have been a quality control tech. You are not looking for industry wide waste. You are looking for your personal and your team's errors. Study YOUR processes causing waste and errors at your facility. Work on the problems that belong to you. Six Sigma gives you the tools to find the "low hanging fruit" that's easy to get and it will help you become a stand out leader in whatever you are leading. Sorry about the lack of easy quick answers, but if you spent a week studying Six Sigma, you know what I'm talking about. Get those groups together and do fish bone charts. Start there. No one knows the problems better than the people doing the work. No one has more knowledge for reducing pressure sores than your CNAs. But they have to be involved, inspired, and empowered to do it. They know what's getting in the way, but do they have a voice in changing the things that get in their way? My concern for this industry is that it punishes the reporting of errors and it wants to do Quality improvement by inspections and surveys. All that is down stream of the causes and effects. Punishing error evidence pushes the evidence underground. Other industries do less of this. Remember, we are attacking systems, not people. I was thrilled when I read my first account of Florence Nightingale. She was our example. Remember, she improved her death rate in her field hospital from 40% to low single digit loss during the Crimean War. She used statistical analysis to do it. She was not looking for people to blame. She was looking to improve methods, materials, environment, and protocols. Please embrace the possibility of what you can do with the knowledge you now have. I wish I could work for you. Remember, people resist change. We all do it. Homeostasis is not just physical. It's psychological as well. In fact, all systems seek homeostasis. That's why you're reading all the nay saying on this topic. But if you pull the problems and the solutions from your own people, they will soon feel like they can truly make a difference. And they will. Step up leader! Believe! Gary
  12. I know it's not health care, but you can check your local paper and see if they have a Sunday edition street hawker program (if that's not beneath you) Don't let those grubby sweaters fool you, the good ones make 3-400 dollars on Sunday. It takes a few weeks to get a corner rolling. You'll see regulars. Let them know what you're trying to do with your life. Run, don't walk to their cars with a big grateful smile. Many of them will pay you 4 or 5 bucks for a paper you're going to pay .75cents for. Just a thought. I used to manage a similar program for a newspaper, and I have my own corner in my fall back plan if need be. Good luck! Gary
  13. A New Start


    Check your local Junior Colleges. We have one that does a 3 week certification. ALL DAY, but you test at the end and your employer can call the registry to see you passed your skills. Surely you already have your shots and CPR card. Use your contacts and see if you can give aid to an aide. You guys could be the pressure sore terminators. :icon_roll Hope something works for you. Blessings! Gary
  14. A New Start

    Who is the oldest Nursing Student here?

    I'll begin my first semester in LVN School this August. I'm male, and I'll be 53 when school starts. Self employed most of my life. I've received some wonderful nursing care over the years. I always admired nurses but said, "I could never do that." For years I have asked every nurse I met what their story was. I was wrong about my ability. I've done 3 courses with a 4.0 average in Summer Session and I'll finish my CNA course and be licensed for that before school starts. I started to do this in 2006, but was offered another good job in business, so I sold out again. Now that industry is in the tank! Served me right. This time I've kept my resume off the net. I'm married to a wonderful woman who's told me to do this for a long time, and here we go! 12 hour days?......................Part time work! Like I said, I've spent most of my life self employed. I decided to be a LVN. It makes sense for me. I grabbed the average LVN pay and the average RN pay in this area from Salary.com and put it in Excel to find that it takes 8 years to recover the tuition and lost income just to make up the difference! I can help a lot of people in 8 years.