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Anatomy and Physiology


Just wondering if anyone else does these as two separate classes. It seems like most folks here take a 2 part A&P class. My school however does them separately. I just completely Anatomy last term and am taking Physiology this term.

I have heard conflicting info about the difficulty of physiology. I've had people tell me that anatomy will be the most difficult class I will take all the way through the nursing program. But, my anatomy lab professor last term (and she was really tough - but excellent) said that most people drop a grade from anatomy to physiology.

I tend to learn better when I know the why of things as opposed to simple memorization.


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then you will do fine in physiology. it is a lot of knowing the why and how of things that get you through physiology. i would agree with your professor that most people probably find physiology harder.

i would have to disagree (in a big wayy!) that anatomy is the hardest class throughout nursing school. nursing school itself kicks the pants off of any of the pre-req's! ask any nursing student.

good luck!

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My school also offers Anatomy and Phys separately. I liked it that way; you get the anatomy out of the way in one shot. I did not find any of the prerequisite courses more challenging than the nursing classes. In nursing school you can't just memorize facts and get by, but in the prereqs, you can do that and be OK. You will definitely need to draw on some basics from Phys throughout your program, though.

Its separated into two parts at my school...

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A nearby college does them separate. Either way, you're going to get a year of anatomy and physiology. For my class' grades, anatomy always had a higher average. Physiology grades were curved, and the averages were still lower.

If you cant handle your pre reqs very easily you will not make it through nursing school!

My school does them together. Doing them together makes more sense to me because it's better to know how something functions....rather then learning it later. JMO though. Good luck! :)

If you cant handle your pre reqs very easily you will not make it through nursing school!

:( Geez, that's a positive statement to make to some of us just starting nursing school or looking to start. Kind of why you have to take what people say on here with a grain of salt.

To the OP: my college does A&P separately. Science is difficult for me and when I can focus on one subject at a time, I find I learn more and do better. Best of luck to you :)

I don't know anything about your situation, but I do know that at my school we have A&P I and A&P II, they each come with a lab. Said lab is where we learn most of the anatomy, and in lecture is where we study the physiology. Hope this might help.

In my school Anatomy and Physiology is given together but the subjects are broken down into two semesters and in each semester we had a lecture class and a lab class. The lecture hall only discussed the physiology aspect of the course, whereas the lab section dealt mainly with the anatomy functions, locations, and aliments. They did this so the two can be intertwined in such a way that helps us learn the structures of the body and their physiological processes. If your good at understanding and learning how things work than you should do fine. If you do stumble with some parts of the physiology than draw diagrams or steps for how they work. GOOD LUCK!!!

If you cant handle your pre reqs very easily you will not make it through nursing school!

Wow. Not much of a vote of confidence. I guess I appreciate the advice, but am not having any trouble with my prereqs. I do tend to be pretty obsessive about my grades (and have always been, even 15+ years ago the first time I did college) and was curious about the different information I was getting locally about which classes are more difficult than others.

I am simply curious about the combination classes. I can see a certain logic to doing it combined. But, I would think that it would have made our cadaver labs more difficult.


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Im my school (University of the Fraser Valley, in BC, Canada), we have Anatomy & Physiology I , which is one course, and then Anatomy and Physiologgy II, which is another taken the second semester of first year