Anat & Phys I Over The Summer


This question is for anyone who has 1) taken A&P I and/or took it during the summer. Would you recommend it as a summer course? If I do go this route, this will be the only class I'd take. The course is six weeks.


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I took my 5 unit micro class (so similar experience). I liked it, and did very well. You don't really have time to forget stuff before the exam! I was dreaming about streaking plates and looking through microscopes every night. I think 6 weeks is long enough to absorb stuff, but short enough to keep it like an immersion course. I know the dept head for anatomy and physiology where I attended said that the summer courses generally have a higher grade point average, as people are immersed in the course for those weeks.

I say go for it!


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Thanks RunBabyRun!

I'm all signed up and ready to go.


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I'm also taking A&P I over the summer! Mine is an 8 week course though. I'm really ready to dive right in. I can only imagine what I'll be dreaming of for a summer class since I took micro over this past semester and was already dreaming of streaking plates then haha. When do you start, Kryptonite?


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Oh I also wanted to add that a few years ago I took physics over the summer for my bachelor's degree, and it was so much better than I thought! Physics is my worst class ever, but I was so consumed by it that I actually did really well. I'm hoping for a similar result with thr A&P class!

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I don't know if it is a good idea or not, but I just signed up for A&P1 for summer quarter. I've talked to the instructor and she warned me it is very fast paced, because you go through the course in 7 weeks, but she also asked if I wanted to take the course with her and said she could give me advice before the quarter starts. (I'm currently taking her bio class). So it sounds doable if you make it your priority during the summer.


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I start A&P 1 on Tuesday! I think it's about 9-10 weeks, so I will be spending all of my spare time studying! :yes:


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Hey Heb!

I start first week of June. Nervous and excited at the same time.


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I am currently taking A&P now. I started on Tuesday and we already have our first exam next week. I am soooo nervous. I am going to spend A LOT of time studying this time. Since the nursing programs are so competitive I am determined to get an A!


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Be ready to memorize a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. I did it in the summer along with 3 other classes. I got A's in everything else and a B in A&P 1. Mine was an 8 week course. It is possible. I recommend it if you want to get through it quickly but I would only recommend it to diligent students who have an exceptional memory. Flashcards is the key! Also make sure you stay up on resources like videos on youtube.


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I already took A&P 1 but not over the summer. I am actually taking A&P 2 in the summer in a few weeks. A&P 1 is actually not that bad, it may be a lot of information but you will see that every system connects with another and it all makes sense. Cells make tissues, tissues make organs, organs make organ systems, etc. Good luck you will do great! Just study ALOT!