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Currently going to school for Medical Assisting.

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  1. Taking a Year Off? Did not pass TEAS.

    I'd buy a book for the TEAS exam. Maybe ask a tutor for help. What about getting your CNA? It only took 3 weeks for me. You can at least learn some basic nursing skills doing CNA work (And to see if you actually like the nursing field) so you can be ...
  2. what is pre nursing considered?

    If you are doing classes to head towards your clinicals, you are considered a prenursing student. Like if you are doing clinical rotations you are obviously in clinical learning to be an actual nurse. Chemistry, Math, Anatomy & Physiology classes...
  3. Didn't score high enough on dosage calculations

    I failed my dosage calculation test yesterday too I had to get 100%. I got 4 questions wrong out of 10. How about buying the book "Calculate with Confidence 6e by Deb C Gray Morris or even watching youtube videos. Can you maybe ask your nursing instr...
  4. Okay, I've been going to school for almost FOUR years. I have been going to community college. It took me 3 years to finish pre requisites, got accepted into RN school in February, and I also just recently failed my dosage calculation entrance exam. ...
  5. I've been going to community college for 3 1/2 years now. I just got accepted into the Associates RN program. However, something inside of me keeps saying this isn't what I want to do. Everyone just says, you've gone so far, why stop now? I get that....
  6. I got accepted into Nursing school

    I'm nervous but ready! Thank you for the advice. I'm ready to take it on!
  7. Now I am quite nervous. I know how everyone says how hard it is but I've been doing the pre requistes for 3 years and finished, applied for clinicals at my local community college, and heard that I got accepted. I'm just ready to get going. What can ...
  8. I personally wouldnt. I took all my sciences seperately and im taking stats by itself next semester. I did much better doing them seperately with other easy courses rather than altogether. Its better to take it slow rather than go extremely fast. Is ...
  9. Right now it's taken me 2 years going on 3. My second semester I changed my major and went back into Nursing. I also screwed up a Bio class once. So it's taking me a little while longer than expected.
  10. How hard is basic anatomy and pysiology

    Hmm Basic A&P? It sounds really easy if it's just basic. If you are talking about A&P 1, I took lots of notes and was very attentive. I asked the professor questions if I didn't understand something. Also, if the professor has extra time like...
  11. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    I got a high B in A&P 1. I was mad because I had straight A's almost the entire semester but kinda slacked off at the end. Great job though!!
  12. Should I take anatomy II over the summer?

    I would do it. If you had a good grade in A&P 1 and want to get your degree faster, I would. I am also doing A&P 2 also in the summer. Except it is 8 weeks not 7. Also, if it is your only class it'd be a lot easier in my opinion. If you take ...
  13. A&P I and II??

    Anatomy and Physiology were the same class. But I still had A&P 1 and A&P 2. I'd rather have it that way to be honest because anatomy and physiology coexist and it wouldn't make sense to me if I just took Anatomy for one class and Physiology ...
  14. hope to be a lpn, bad at math

    I am completely the same. I am TERRIBLE at math. My entire life I was bad at it and still am. I have to take Intermediate Algebra which is a remedial course in my community college and I can't seem to get in no matter how many times I take the placem...
  15. Can i still make it even though i got a c in a&p?

    Since you are only in community college, it won't be as serious as the universities. But that doesn't mean slack off. I know the community college I go to, most people get a C in A&P 1 and do better in A&P 2. I actually got a B in A&P 1. ...