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Amount of clinicals?


I'm just curious about how clinicals work in different programs. How many times a week/month/semester do you go, and for how long each day?

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I'm just curious about how clinicals work in different programs. How many times a week/month/semester do you go, and for how long each day?

Our Med/Surg Semester, we have 10 regular clinical days (2 days per week every other week) from 2pm to 930pm. We also have Advanced Clinical/Preceptorship for 4 full shifts with a preceptor.

So 14 days total, each about 8 hours.

we do 2 days/week for 4 semesters. They all start about 0630 and depending on the floor we are on get out between 12 and 3.



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2 days a week 6:30-3:00 for 4 semesters...

1st semester=1 day/week for 6hrs

2nd semester=1day/week for 8hrs

3rd and 4th semester=1 day/week for 9hrs

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LVN program (2005): I had three 8-hour clinical shifts per week.

RN bridge program (2009 + first few months of 2010): I had one 8-hour clinical shift per week.

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I do 2 x 8hr shifts a week for 8 weeks each semester then in my 4th year (next year) I need to do a total of 800 hours working full shifts with a preceptor on the ward. Fortunately I have no more exams (last one is in about 10 hrs), I just have to complete a portfolio during that final year. So no more assignments either, I can just concentrate on a year of real life nursing before I get my degree. I'm hoping that it will help me hit the floor running when I'm registered and in my first grad year.

I am in my first semester and we have clinicals every other Saturday from 7-11. Next semester we do not have clincials but the summer semester we have full 8 hour days every other weekend. I am in a weekend/evening program.

Fundamentals we did 1 day a week for 6 hours for the whole semester

Med Surg I and II is 2 days for 6 hours for the whole semester

Maternity and Psych - 2 days for 6 hours for 6 weeks (half a semester)

Pediatrics and Community - 1 day a week for 9.5 hours for 6 weeks (half a semester)

and then our Practicum is 160 hours one on one with a preceptor - any shift he or she works, we work alongside them and log hours for a semester.


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I am in a 4 year program.

First year, term 2: one 8-hour day, once a week

Second year: three 5-week rotations in different settings, 40 hours per week

Third year: three 5-week rotations, 40 hours per week

Fourth year: one 5-week consolidation, and a 10-week preceptorship, 40 hours per week

When we are in clinical, we do not take any classroom-based courses. In the other terms we take full-time classroom and labs and are not in the field at all.

First year we have clinical 2 days/week for 5 hours (or 4 if you have a couple of the clinical instructors who have an hour long pre-conference beforehand), and second year we have clinical 2 days/week for 6 hours.

2 twelve hour shifts per week, usually Fri - Sat. during instructors regular shifts

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Two days per week, 7 hours per day for 7 weeks, then we switch rotations and do it all over again. Clinicals start the second week of the program.

Last half of last semester is a one-on-one preceptorship for 7 weeks. We work the shifts our preceptor works.

I'm in my first semester and we do 8 weeks of clinicals. One day a week from 0630-1730


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For my first semester we only had four 5 hour shifts in the nursing home but next semester for Med-Surg we have to complete 96 clinical hours. Every school is different!


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In our first year, we did one day a week from 7am-1pm. 2nd year we're doing 2 days a week from 7am-3pm.

The school I want to go to is a diploma program and it has 2 8-hr clinical days per week for all 5 semesters.