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Am very interested in Emergency Nursing


While I still have until '04 until I graduate, emergency nursing is my BIG area of interest. I was wondering a few things.

1. Do most ER's hire new grads?

2. I understand that it is illegal to discriminate because of age, but I will be 47 years old when I graduate. Is there still a chance that I might be hired, even at my "old" age?

3. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself better for entry into the emergency field when I graduate?



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i did my emt prior to nursing school. i also pushed the hell out of my instructors for some er time in clinicals, which is usually very limited. i did get my peds instructor to get me time in a childrens er, during my peds rotation. i also did my last time period with preception at the er i work at now. the last thing......i was a volunteer in the er, for 3-5 months prior to getting hired.....which i thought was a big help. it wasn't the.......another student.....and never see them again......they saw me twice a week for a long time. doing this i was able to get to know everybody.

they used to hire 1 new grad a year at our place. right now though.......i think most would consider a new grad...or more than one, the way the current nursing situation is in check.

me :)


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Look under the same thread in General nursing Ess!!!! :)

Hello Essarge,

I just started in the ER, and where I work they hired three new grads, two of which are from the local ASN program that I graduated from and both are older. I have only been here for two weeks now and I see a real mix, of young to older nurses. I don't think you will have any problems obtaining a job in the ER after graduation. There is a great need in all areas of nursing and no one forsees a quick end to this shortage.

I think you will have some advantages to starting in the ER right out of school, you will have all the basics that you need. You will get a longer orientation program at least 6 months ( and look for those programs). At our hospital the new grads are going through all of the same classes as me as well as working on the med/surg floor and ICU, then they will work in our fast track department, before coming to the ER. I think that will make them well rounded.

It is a lot to learn and it is very fast paced and I must say I feel overwhelmed but, it is interesting and never dull.

I think CEN35 gave you some great advice and I wish I had gone to the ER right out of school, and did some EMT work, and aid work there.

Good-luck to you!! Hope you have a great year in school this year. Remember it does end!! It seems like eternity now but, school will be over before you know it. :)



I was on the rescue squad when I used to live in NY and I loved it!!

My friend claims that I have a AAAAAAA personality and agrees that I would do very well in emergency medicine!

The place where I want to work is about 40 minutes away and is the only level one trauma hospital between pittburgh, boston and here. I think I would absolutely love it, but I am aware that it is going to be allot of work. They offer a 6 month orientation/classroom work.

Anymore suggestions would be great!! Thanks again!

I started working in the ED in January, and absolutely love it! The hospital where I'm currently working actually hired me, and paid for my relocation from Iowa to California, plus gave me a generous sign on bonus. (Paying for my move wasn't cheap...moving company, packing, gas, hotels en route, meals, and flight tickets for my interviews). The hospital I'm working at isn't a trauma center, which is what I wanted..I like the smaller atmosphere and basic medicine. We have an 18 bed ED, and 7 bed Fast Track area.

Prior to nursing, I worked as an EMT for a few years, and also did 911 Dispatching (hence the desire to stay close to emergency-adrenalin type stuff...

From the moment I started in the ED, I have never regretted it, and wouldn't change anything..except maybe adding some actual seasons and snow in California!

The ED I work at hires new grads, generally one a time for orientation, since they take a bit longer to get their comfort level and critical thinking skills honed in to the ED setting. We're currently orientating a new grad who is in her upper 30's, and a very fast learner. It seems to me that she's actually having an easier time learning the ED than I did, since I wanted to rely mainly on my floor nursing skills from my Neuro-Onc-ENT unit.

Keep your hopes up, you probably won't have any trouble getting a job in the ER if this is what you desire!

Good luck! :D



I think with the mass nursing shortage basicly everywhere, you can get what ever job you like. Getting experience is the way to advance to what area of nursing you prefer. so like it was said volunteer where and when ever poss. no one is going to refuse free help



The ED can be very overwhelming to a nurse with previous experience, much less a new grad. That being said, my dept has had great success since we started interviewing new grads for staff RN positions. The requirements were that they had to have worked in our dept as a tech for at least one year prior to applying. That way, we knew their work ethic and they knew our acuity, the MD's , and some of the process. We put them through an approx 4 month internship, and so far have had very good success with their transition (their thoughts as well as ours). Good luck!!


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I am currently waiting for a call for a second interview for an ED internship position. This hospital(community)takes 3 RNs a year and trains them to work in the ER. 6 months with a preceptor and one day a week of classes for 6 months. Checked out the curriculum and think it will be wonderful. I have been an RN for 2 years and have worked in med-surg and maternity. Can hardly wait for the call!!!:D

I think that I have read in your previous posts that you are a tech in the ER while you are a student. That will definately give you a leg up when you go to interview for a staff position. The last 2 ERs that I have worked in have hired new grads, and most had been techs during nursing school.

Where are these wonderful hospitals of which you speak that hire new grads in the ER? I would love, love, love to work in the ER! That is my dream. Instead I have started on a medical floor, and while it is a great place to learn, it is more busy work than excitement. However, I did get a job at a hospital with a great level 1 trauma center... I hope to be working there a year from now!

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