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Am I Throwing My Career Away?


As I'm sure some of you have seen, I recently resigned from my position in lieu of being fired due to my own chronic health conditions and those of my immunocompromised, elderly relative living with me in the wake of Covid and being floated from my office position to areas of acute care which I've NEVER worked before and wouldn't be getting any orientation for. I'm fortunate that I have enough savings to be solvent for a year without having to work at all. However, one of my non-nursing friends has really been coming down hard on me, telling me that I've just thrown my career away because I will now have a gap on my resume for as long as Covid lasts.

Honestly, I'm ambivalent at this point about returning to nursing: I've been verbally and physically assaulted by patients and then been told to apologize to them because they "were only upset", I was forced to work through a likely-Covid illness with 103 degree temperatures and O2 sats in the high 80s/after a car accident/through a relative's funeral in the past...the list could go on and on. Professional? Hardly! Sometimes I think I'd get more respect working retail during Black Friday than I would in nursing.

But I also recognize that I will have to return to nursing at some point to make the bills. I guess the point of writing this is to get support in my decision, since I am financially solvent to do so, or even differing viewpoints about whether I've shot myself in the foot by taking this time off.

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I don't think you have shot yourself in the foot. There are going to be a LOT of people with gaps in their resume after this all shakes out. I would not just sit back, however, and not look for work for a year.

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Your friend doesn't sound all that supportive a friend to me...

I don't think you're going to have any problem explaining the gap in your employment. You have a dependent family member you had to take leave to care for. People do it ALL THE TIME.


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Employment gaps are common. Don't sweat it. Take care of yourself and be safe.


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I agree with PP, you have not shot your self in the foot. Any future employers will ask about the gap and you just explain that you needed time off to care for family. I also agree that you should start looking for a new gig as soon as you are able. I was off work at one point for over a year (for health reasons) and was able to go back. You will be fine, take care and be well!