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  1. StillSearchingRN

    Biggest Pain or Problem

    I have been open-handed palm-forward smacked, open-handed back-handed, punched with a closed fist, pinched (on my breasts, buttocks, as well as just general areas), kicked (once across the room, and then blamed that I "escalated the situation" so it was my fault), slammed against a door and into a corner, and bitten by patients. Management has forced me to come into work following a car accident on my way to work in an ice storm, rebuffed me for rushing to my ill family member's bedside and then attending his funeral, gave me the choice of continuing to work with SOB/chest pain/fever of 102/severe cough/dizziness/no voice or being fired if I went home, and eventually firing me due to mental health issues that had been in LONG remission before working for this particular place.
  2. StillSearchingRN

    Biggest Pain or Problem

    Maltreatment from patients and employers.
  3. StillSearchingRN


    Could be worse: all of my holiday pay came out of my stingy PTO bank AND my old employer "gave" us extra "holidays" (nebulous days before/after actual holidays, but I don't want to say which ones in case it could be used in identifying me) where we absolutely couldn't come in (facility was closed) but they still came out of our PTO. By the time holidays were taken out of our PTO, we had very little sick/vacation time that we could actually use.
  4. StillSearchingRN

    Am I Throwing My Career Away?

    As I'm sure some of you have seen, I recently resigned from my position in lieu of being fired due to my own chronic health conditions and those of my immunocompromised, elderly relative living with me in the wake of Covid and being floated from my office position to areas of acute care which I've NEVER worked before and wouldn't be getting any orientation for. I'm fortunate that I have enough savings to be solvent for a year without having to work at all. However, one of my non-nursing friends has really been coming down hard on me, telling me that I've just thrown my career away because I will now have a gap on my resume for as long as Covid lasts. Honestly, I'm ambivalent at this point about returning to nursing: I've been verbally and physically assaulted by patients and then been told to apologize to them because they "were only upset", I was forced to work through a likely-Covid illness with 103 degree temperatures and O2 sats in the high 80s/after a car accident/through a relative's funeral in the past...the list could go on and on. Professional? Hardly! Sometimes I think I'd get more respect working retail during Black Friday than I would in nursing. But I also recognize that I will have to return to nursing at some point to make the bills. I guess the point of writing this is to get support in my decision, since I am financially solvent to do so, or even differing viewpoints about whether I've shot myself in the foot by taking this time off.
  5. StillSearchingRN

    This is really taking a toll on me...#Vent

    If you work for my company, they don't give **mn. Even with physical and mental health contraindications (this has exacerbated my mental health conditions to the point where I've almost ended up hospitalized) for both myself and a relative I care for, I've been given the option to, essentially, "suck it up" or be fired.
  6. StillSearchingRN

    Here's The Way It Should Be: Hooray, Home Depot

    Hmm, maybe if my current employer torpedoes my nursing career because my very-real request for accommodations for my own health issues and immunocompromised loved one's health issues keep being denied, I'll go work for Home Depot. They seem to care more about their employees' HEALTH than healthcare entities!
  7. StillSearchingRN

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I specifically chose an area with limited exposure to the public. Now I am considering leaving because my [insert mega-corporation umbrella healthcare entity] has decided that if you are a nurse---in any role and any experience---you will be shuffled into acute care with limited training and PPE. This is not what I signed up for. I have a high-risk parent at home for whom I am the ONLY (no family, friends) caregiver around. However, I am just short of my 1 year mark, so I miss out on FMLA.
  8. StillSearchingRN

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    Outpatient is no guarantee-they're drafting us into inpatient for extra hands with very limited training.
  9. StillSearchingRN

    Covid-19 is Quite Unpleasant: A Personal Testimony

    I seriously think I had it (after my mother had it after she likely caught it from a Chinese tourist at work that she came into contact with who was super sick with severe respiratory symptoms at the beginning of January). Worst lower-chest pain/tightness, shortness of breath, constant (and I mean CONSTANT) dry cough, high fevers.
  10. StillSearchingRN

    patient abandonment

    As long as you hadn't clocked in or received report, I don't see where it would be, but I also don't see them keeping you around-even as PRN-if you did that (unless they were truly desperate for help which is a warning sign of a bad facility inofitself).
  11. StillSearchingRN

    Please Help

    Frankly, I'd be telling her to run far, far away from such a manipulative [censored] "partner".
  12. StillSearchingRN

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Right now there is literally no one else who is trained to do my job. Since my coworker left, I am the only care coordinator for the practice. Due to regulations, everything has to be handled within 2 business days of a patient discharge. With over 100 discharges a day on average, if I don't finish that day's then it's added to the next day's insurmountable numbers. I totally agree with you. This is usually how I eat, but I've been off of it because of the holidays and social push for conformity by indulging in the heaps of sugary goodies that everyone always brings in.
  13. StillSearchingRN

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Yes I am swiping. As far as the policy, I've read the policy as written by HR and I've received a strongly-worded letter from my manager when I asked her whether it was gospel that it is.
  14. StillSearchingRN

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Thank you! I really do appreciate your well wishes! Unfortunately, the OT is unavoidable: we work 8.5 hours/day to "build in" a half hour lunch that we're supposed to get, but it's impossible to because it's only me, myself, and I in my department at the moment (no one else has applied and the other person left). If I don't do it, it literally won't get done and some things are too time sensitive to put off until tomorrow which puts something else off until the next day, etc.
  15. StillSearchingRN

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Thank you! It counts the same whether if we're sent home sick as if we called out and didn't come in at all, which doesn't really incentivize even trying to come in, other than to get everyone else sick unfortunately. So even if I came in with a GI bug, actively vomiting, and the manager sent me home, it would count as if I didn't even come in at all if they forced me to go home (which they've already said they would "because we don't want the whole office getting sick"). So, come in sick but don't get caught in other words.
  16. StillSearchingRN

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    The ironic thing is, I've worked so much required OT that I'm already at the amount of hours I'd need for FMLA, just not the months! Haha!

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