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Am I Crazy? Traveling after Nursing School

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Hello all! I'm a nursing student from Missouri and my situation may sound a bit complicated, but I VERY much appreciate any input. I'm in my senior year of nursing school and I will graduate in May. My HOPE (fingers crossed) is to get hired into a local hospital in Missouri very soon after I graduate. Then, (here comes the complicated part), after working in Missouri for about 9 months I want to leave Missouri to travel abroad for about 3-4 months. I then want to move away from Missouri to ultimately move to Hawaii and work as a nurse there.

My questions are:

1. Is it unrealistic to think that I may get a nursing job in Missouri soon after graduating nursing school?

2. Is 9 months too short of a time period to commit to working right out of school, when I plan on leaving to travel?

3. Will employers frown upon my traveling? (I do plan on doing plentiful volunteer work abroad).

4. Is it difficult to renew nursing licensure in Hawaii?

I know this situation sounds complicated - some may even call me crazy. But, traveling is my passion and I know that if I don't travel now then I will always look back and wish that I had. After I travel I plan on settling down. I would appreciate any input! Thank you for your time!!

HeartsOpenWide, RN

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It cost about $60,000 to train a new grad. New grad jobs are hard enough to come by, I doubt an employer is going to hire a new grad. train them. for only 9 months.


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in all sad honesty, i'd pray for a job within 9 months of graduating. Let alone, leaving one to travel.

I'm about to start my first (full-time, in hospital) RN position. If I had known that it would take 10 months for me to land my first job I DEFINITELY would have traveled right after graduating.

I'm curious as to why your plan is to work (for under a year) first, THEN travel? I would suggest traveling first, then settling down and work. I don't think any hospital would want to hire an RN who told them they'd only be there for 9 months. Of course that's not to say that it hasn't been done. Never say never. but still...

I dont think I would tell the places you apply that you are planning to leave to travel or they wont hire you. You might be able to just take a leave of absence from your job to travel.

If you do have success in your plan, you will have an interesting resume! Dont let anyone hold you down, dream big. You may land a job right out of school but you may also need to travel first then land a job. SO prepare to be flexible just in case. If your volunteer experience abroad is healthcare related, it may help you land a nursing job when you get back, or you may make some good connections.

Good luck with whatever you decide!


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I would travel right after graduation, while you study for the boards ;). I don't think it will look good if you work for only 9 months and then ditch whatever job you have found.

caroladybelle, BSN, RN

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First, jobs are difficult to find for anyone right now, especially a new grad.

Second, it is very, very, very expensive to orient new grads, not to mention a hardship on the staff. It takes about a year, before a new grad is really independant, in any majr way. Thus facilities really want to know that they will get 2-3 years MINIMUM from a nurse that they wish to hire. 9 monthes would be a serious money loser, as well stressful on the staff. When there are plenty of nurses lokking for jobs, that would be a major negative.

Third, please review the many posts on Hawaii nurses. It is almost impossible to get a job there, and it is quite expensive. It would probably be a very good idea to get several years steady reliable experience in a specialty, plus a good financial cushio befre attempting to go to Hawaii to work.


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On another note; I too am interested in travel nursing, however you have to be an RN for at least one year first and most really want two years. I looked into this because I plan on moving away from Florida. I wanna try the snow thing.

My advice land a job at a local hospital work minimum one year then start looking into travel nursing.

I would also love to try Hawaii, I have a friend who lives there. It would be a great visit.

Good Luck!

Camp7712 - - four & a half years later, how did your travel and nursing plans turn out? I'll be graduating with my BSN in May 2016. I've already completed graduate school & have worked for the past six years in an amazing hospital. I cannot get the idea of living in a different country out of my brain :) I love education and teaching so I could completely see myself doing something in that area abroad related to health and science. Almost everyone I talk to says as a New Grad RN that "I need experience" and tries to give helpful advice of what I *should* be doing as a new nurse. So curious to hear about your nursing path after completing school.

All the advice here is so discouraging. Coming to allnurses.com made me make awful decisions for my career and I am paying for it very dearly.

After reading all these forums on a regular basis in school, I thought getting a job would be impossible. I thought I was going to be unemployed and a failure.

so I took the first job I could get. It ended up being a nightmare. After I made that brilliant decision 5 prestigious hospitals called me for an interview, but I could not attend ANY of them because I had to work every day of the week.

i quit that job, and AllNurses told me quitters are losers who cannot get another job.

so I made the same mistake and took the first job I could get. It ended up being a nightmare, again. On top of it I was worried about losing my license.

op my advice would be this: work a year in Missouri and apply to jobs in Hawaii. Then travel when you have an offer. Or take 3 months off after you have a year of experience then apply to Hawaii. don't let people here tell you will fail.

Interesting, I'm from Colorado and want to try the beach thing!! I'll be obtaining my Rn in Dec and want to move to the beach... Any beach!! Any thoughts on that? Would Fl be a decent option?