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Alvin Community College ADN Spring 2015


Starting a thread for people applying for Spring 2015 at Alvin Community College. Also wondering if anyone knows what counts as proof for Hepatitis B immunity?

Hi, I was accepted into Alvin's RN program for the fall of 2014, and proof of Hep B immunity would be a blood titer.

Hi - pretty sure I'm going to apply for ADN in Spring 2015. Have you applied anywhere else? I attended ACC several years ago and liked it. Good luck!

I am excited! Everything on my application is complete and now we play the waiting game. I also applied to HBU but realized that my hubby and I wont be able to afford their tuition.

Hello All,

If you don't mind me asking what were you Hesi Scores & GPA? I also applied & considered HBU among other colleges.


I scored a 96 on my HESI and my GPA is 3.17. I'm worried that GPA won't be good enough to get in accepted. I heard Fall 2014 was extremely competitive. I looked at HBU, too, but didn't think I could get in.

Thats good. I scored an 88 overall but my GPA is a 3.9. Im sure we will see a ton of variations in grades & Hesi Scores.

I think I would rather have what you have. A higher GPA than HESI score. Great job! I'm sure you'll get in with that. Have you been to one of the mandatory ADN applicant meetings at ACC yet?

Thanks, I hope that is good enough to get in. I am actually scheduled to attend the meeting this week. How about you? Also, what other schools have you applied too?

Hello All! I am also applying for ACC ADN Spring 15'. I have everything turned in and completed and now the wait begins! So happy that it is all done, but now I'm just anxious and praying I get accepted. Good Luck to everyone and hope to see each other come January! :)

Hi Everyone. I went to the ACC meeting and was glad to know I had everything done correctly. Long wait ahead now. I also applied to San Jac and their cut off date was 08/08 so a few weeks down already. It may be another month or so before they notify anyone.

Hi Beginning15, I wanted to apply to San Jac as well but had just missed the deadline. I was finishing up my finals for Micro and AP all while trying to study for the Hesi exam so I pushed my exam back and just decided to miss the deadline. Best of luck to you though.

I applied as well with a 3.9 gpa and 93 HESI.

I applied as well with GPA 3.4 and HESI 84 % :unsure:.

Good luck for all of us.

Great scores houtxn...I would trade places with you anyday! lol ethiorn you are up there as well. I am a transfer student and many of the students I went to school with didn't have at least a 3.0 to apply for nursing school so 3.4 is very competitive. Have you all applied at any other schools or is Alvin your top pick?

Hi, FutureRN

Thanks for your encouragement. No this the only school that I applied so far.

I agree ethiorn. I am unsure as well. I took the HESI more than once so I have combined scores from 2 test so not sure how to figure out my overall score. All sections were 90's except two. I hope its competitive enough. @ FutureRN _2016 Im not sure what classes they'll use for overall gpa and electives but from what I calculated its a 3.7 with science pre-reqs and other classes like psych, english, etc.

I am really hoping to get in since Alvin is my top pick and only school I applied to. Another 4-6 weeks before those emails go out! :nailbiting:

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@MissKal, The wait is the worst. I applied at other colleges with the earliest deadline being Aug 15th and I received a letter of consideration (not acceptance) but they requested that I go forth with getting my Blue Card. So I say all of this to say, keep your eyes and emails open cause you dont want to miss any little notification that can hold you up or miss you being considered. :)