Alvin Community College (ACC) Fall 2024

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Anyone applying to ACC Alvin for Fall 2024? I didn't see a post for it so thought I'd start one. I believe we find out sometime in May. I was actually in Alvin once before a few years ago but I had to withdraw because of some life stuff. I'm currently going to a private school but I'd much prefer to go back to Alvin since I know it's a great program and much cheaper for me. 

chempansy said:

Same here. Grad school is definitely in the future. And same about the working thing. I switched to nights to accommodate school schedule. It's going to be hard still but that's all I can do. Maybe I can try to get reduced hours later but I do have to work full-time right now. 

Wow, I hope your situation improves. Working full time and being in school is whole different beast. Good luck to us both on this grad school journey! It's a long road, but worth it 🙂

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