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  1. chempansy


    You start with whatever classes you haven’t transferred in, plus the healthcare communications course, intro to nursing, medication dosage, organizations systems and nutrition. Then there’s another information technology course you would take before you get into the clinical portion. I’m taking biochem right now. It’s a bit tough because the information is so dense. I just have to power through the material. I’m a little worried about the class. I just have to make sure I’m doing an adequate amount of studying so I can get the material covered.
  2. chempansy


    I just started the BSN Pre-licensure program this month. The OA (Objective Assessment) is essentially like an online exam. You might have taken these in previous courses. The PA (Performance Assessment) is essentially a different type of exam which is something you might have to physically do or complete in order to get the credit for it. To my understanding, you'll either have an OA or a one or two PA’s at the end of a course at WGU in order to pass the course. However, I haven’t gotten far enough into the program to see if you could have both. They’re basically just types of exams you need to take in order to pass whatever course you’re taking.
  3. chempansy

    BSN at WGU to CRNA.

    Has anyone else who obtained a BSN at WGU been able to successfully get into CRNA school? I would appreciate some advice on what steps to take to have a fair chance when I decide to apply. I know that automatic 3.0 puts me at a huge disadvantage against students who went to schools with a traditional grading system. What I’m thinking: 2+ years of ICU experience (hopefully CVICU or Neuro ICU) CCRN ALS PALS BLS TCRN and/or TNCC Maybe CMC? Try to get a bomb a** score on GRE Retake sciences (courses that I didn’t get above a B in like A&P I and II). Try specifically to get an A in gen chem I and II and orgo chem I. Is there anything else that can help or add to the application? I’m in the Houston area and I’ve emailed some schools like TCU and Texas Wesleyan and they told me they wouldn’t accept students who obtained degrees at WGU because of the grading system. I believe LSU in Louisiana told me the same thing.
  4. chempansy

    Alvin Community College ADN Spring 2021

    Yeah, I've already registered for classes and everything. I might just stick with my current program and give the seat to someone else. I'd rather be done with the BSN sooner and focus on something else later. I'm over school.
  5. chempansy

    Scared out of my mind about Pre Nursing grades

    I would definitely ignore the "minimum" requirement because there will most likely be students who are applying with test scores and grades well above that. You should shoot for much higher and try to be well above the average. I see that you're taking quite a few classes at once (especially sciences). Sometimes your grade can suffer if you're taking too many of those at the same time. Also, consider applying to multiple ADN and BSN programs. Not just the one that's based at the school you attend. If possible, maybe you could consider applying to a school that's in an area you're willing to move to.
  6. chempansy


    Oh my! I’m definitely a little concerned about the Biochem course. Got any tips or tricks that helped you get through the course?
  7. chempansy

    2021 goal?

    Definitely doing well in nursing school. Figuring out an adequate study plan and learning how I learn best. I never studied much in school so I never found out the best way I learn.
  8. chempansy


    Congratulations! I’m supposed to be starting the BSN Pre-licensure next week. Not excited to be doing yet another couple of years of schooling but hopefully it’ll be over before I know it. What are some of your next steps and plans?
  9. chempansy

    TEAS test before class completion

    I would say it really depends on the person and how well they're able to retain the information they need to do well on the exam. From what I remember, there wasn't much--if any, Microbiology on the exam. It was strictly anatomy and physiology for the science section, maybe even a little general biology mixed in. You'll probably want to individually study the A&P sections of study guides/books to make sure you have a good grasp of all the body systems, their functions etc. It'll help if you remember a lot of this information from your classes. If you feel like you have to finish the course in order to take the exam, finish it. If not, I say go for it! You really have no idea what they're going to ask on the exam and you want to make sure you're comfortable with a vast amount of A&P knowledge across the body systems. Good luck!
  10. chempansy

    Can a nurse report a MD for being rude?

    Oh my god, he choked her? Please tell me this guy was arrested for that behavior. That's completely unacceptable, and I hope she pressed charges for physical assault.
  11. chempansy

    Stanbridge RN program for 85k? Should I do it?

    Definitely NOT worth it! That’s way too much money for any nursing program. You’d have more debt than some medical students. You should check out Western Governors University’s BSN Pre-licensure program, if you live in one of the areas they offer it (moving is also an option). The program is only $30k in total and they offer some scholarships.
  12. chempansy

    Alvin Community College ADN Spring 2021

    Are you guys waiting on any other programs?
  13. chempansy

    Alvin Community College ADN Spring 2021

    Congratulations! I’ve already been accepted to another program, so I have a lot of thinking to do if I do get accepted to ACC.
  14. chempansy

    Alvin Community College ADN Spring 2021

    #2 on the alternates list.
  15. chempansy

    WGU-Houston 2020

    Do you know why type of nurse you’re interested in becoming? Or what you want to do with your nursing degree?
  16. chempansy

    WGU-Houston 2020

    Same here! I’m ready to hit the ground running. Before we know it, the program will be over and we’ll be working nurses.