November 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner! - page 13

You Can Win $100! Your mission is to produce a winning caption to the attached cartoon. You may propose as many captions as you wish. Caption Contest Rules To qualify for the $100 prize,... Read More

  1. by   Joe V
    Update (November 21)

    We had a lot of great captions! It was really hard to choose but we selected 8 captions for you to vote on.

    Top 8 Captions Poll is now available!
  2. by   NurseBlaq
    I'm still your clinical instructor and I better survive or you fail!
  3. by   Elfriede
    Narcotics do not affect representatives on duty.
  4. by   djh123
    Oh oh oh - I wish I'd seen this one before time to submit a caption closed!
  5. by   xojessicalynnxo25
    I will cut you!!!!!!!
  6. by   Joe V
    Congratulations Sassy-Kat. You won $100!

    The community chose your caption as their favorite.

    Cartoon can be viewed at Workaholics.
  7. by   JCGerow
    Are you sure I should be doing this? I barely became a nursing assistant.