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  1. My deductible is so high I figured somwhere in fine print she had to be covered.
  2. When I told her my nurse to patient ratio she went into labor.
  3. WebMD said her water broke....they also said she was high risk due to being stressed out about me working short staffed all the time.
  4. Hot dog! Ma'am we don't deliver here....wait does she have Medicare?
  5. I know you're short staffed but so are we....can you take this patient for us.
  6. I figured the least I could do was boil it in hot water to help out with the budget cuts.
  7. Do you mind if I take this home? Student loans won't allow me to purchase new silverware.
  8. With the budget cuts I have to be the surgeon and the practice dummy.
  9. Oh no it's fine your facility couldn't afford another lawsuit.
  10. So you're a med student who only has experience carving pumpkins?
  11. Medicare said that I qualified for a discount if I performed the surgery myself.