November 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100! - page 4

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  1. by   Supernrse01
    I just can't shake this feeling... I mean, no restricted diet, with all the midnight snacks I could ask for doesn't sound right to me at all. It's almost like they want to fatten me up or something.
  2. by   Supernrse01
    I'm sorry Mr. Tom, if you code, we can not stick a fork in you to see if your done.
  3. by   LunaTunaPineapple
    "I love my Nana's cooking, but just look at me! I look like a butterball!"
  4. by   LunaTunaPineapple
    "I tried Butterballs Anonymous, but the member turnover is discouraging"
  5. by   biancawelch
    Nurse: Sorry it's time to try the "stuffing suppository" now.
  6. by   WKShadowRN
    Quote from Supernrse01
    And then they asked me about organ donation...
    Oh how I love the giblets.

    Here's another entry from me, then.

    "I think I've changed my mind about the giblet-ectomy."
  7. by   biancawelch
    Nurse: So you need a doctors note through the last Thursday of November?
  8. by   SunnyPupRN
    " I know this is a fertility clinic, but expected a little more sensitivity than *actually* using a turkey baster."
  9. by   Davey Do
    Yeah, I'm laying off the cranberry sauce. The last time I did it, I nearly got my goose cooked!
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  10. by   BabyFood26
    I feel a sense of impending doom. Doc says I got anxiety. Just can't shake this fe... wait, are you DROOLING??
  11. by   SunnyPupRN
    "SURPRISE! JHACO inspection! The table's turned, now, huh!"
  12. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Can you explain to me what the doctor was saying....something about "Turduckhen?"
  13. by   NurseCard
    You think a turkey laying in a hospital bed is crazy???
    Donald Trump just got elected president!!!