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New Graduate RN.

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  1. New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    We started this protocol last year and many people weren’t excited about it, they had lots of safety concerns. We quickly became accustomed to the flow of it, and you find that you learned more from your chart than you would from the verbal pass off ...
  2. First day on the floor

    I remember feeling that way when I first started, but remember that perception is everything. I actually used those opportunities to find out what each person felt was important for report. I would ask “What do you usually like to know?” Or “If I mis...
  3. When will critical thinking skills come?

    It comes with time ! I'm a new nurse as well on a MS Tele floor and I'm often caught in situations where I feel "clueless". I'm so frustrated from shift to shift. Don't give up , it gets better. You'll get wiser. Please , don't give up ! Don't compar...
  4. Right when you thought you were ready !

    I'm two weeks and 2 days into my graduate nursing orientation (I haven't even hit the floor) and the nerves are starting to set in. Our educators are phenomenal and our hospital is clearly dedicated to its GN program, so I'm more than happy, but I ca...
  5. 12 Healthy Workplace Habits for the Busy Nurse

    Great Article ! Your tips are ones that I believe we all forget in the midst of the madness of life/nursing; they're very helpful. I'm definitely going to keep these in mind for the future.
  6. SCABIES!!

    So, one of the SNOOTIEST residents within our facility appears to have picked up a few unwanted friends. I have to admit, although unforunate, i find it giggle worthy. How and why, we may never know, but it seems to be spreading! Word has gotten arou...
  7. Is my name Winston?

    MUST BE because last nights 3-11 (more like 3-1am) took a draaaaaaaagggggg on me. Not even an hour into my shift and I hear "pt x is on the floor"! You have got to be kidding me:arghh:? About 45 minutes after that I hear "pt y just threw up". Say it ...
  8. ER nursing or med surg?!

    In my opinion, your lack of hospital experience puts both positions on a level playing field. Either way, you're going to get a long orientation that will make up for your lack of experience. You already have the time management skills that will go a...
  9. Medical Mystery: What made the night-shift nurses so sick?

    I really enjoyed the story :)
  10. Nursing School and Working. Smart idea?

    I obtained little part-time job, I only worked 2-4 days out of the month. Needless to say, I was usually between school and home all the time because I had no money to do anything extra. It paid off though. I was a home caregiver BTW.
  11. LVN to RN in Tx

    I'm with The Commuter , many community colleges offer LPN to ASN bridge programs. Call your local CC and find out. Sometimes the transition programs carry a funky name that isn't as obvious as "transtion" or "bridge". I came across a few that I didn...
  12. It gets better..

    Believe it or not.... It gets better.I find that a good experience often lies in our attitude. I'm only in the third week of being a nurse and despite the madness on my unit(s) (LTC/REHAB) I'm always eager to go back. There's so much to learn and eac...
  13. Does it matter where you get your associates?

    I completely agree with this. My local community college has a well know nursing program. It's no secret that students attend the ADN program, then transfer into the University's BSN program. Nurses from many facilities in the area have taken this r...
  14. Out of the frying pan, Into the fire.

    I'm sorry you had to go through that, I couldn't imagine being put there alone! Today I was with another preceptor. She had me pull meds and along side her, then she would leave me alone for extended periods. It was rough to say the least. It's still...
  15. Florida IV certification

    Check with a few near by community colleges. I'm on the same hunt. The FLBON website also has a list of places that offer the IV course. If you're employed, then your nurse educator may also have access to such info or offer in house training and cer...