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  1. I'm late to the party, but pesticide exposure?
  2. SunnyPupRN

    Are Nurses Considered "First Responders?"

    "Steal?" Little heavy there!
  3. You are working under unreasonable conditions [not unusual but still unreasonable.] The environment in which you work has become the harbinger of floor nursing. Hospitals will throw you under the bus while ignoring that there needs to be a RCA [root cause analysis] of safety and staffing.The chaotic and undue burden of taking on that many patients practically begs for mistakes to happen. In my opinion, detrimental events like repeated medication errors happen under detrimental environments. I don't know you as a nurse, but I would not base your capabilities on your performance in such a situation. Administration more and more expects nurses to be perfect while disregarding the fact they ask us to work in an atmosphere that has us swimming upstream from the second we clock in. This is a wide-spread practice and the status quo in many places. It cannot continue to function this way without mistakes. That said, you express a desire to leave, and the system is not flexible or accommodating to change. Leave while you are still 'eligible for re-hire,' and practice what you enjoy in setting that makes it possible for nurses to succeed without risking safety. Good luck!
  4. SunnyPupRN

    First Time Traveler

    There was the thing where the nurses on this site were sued for naming certain companies in their posts and remarking about them, as it were. Better to PM.
  5. SunnyPupRN

    What was the REAL reason you called off

    I called off last week. My child's father died on Tuesday in the middle east, and although we were divorced, I felt I needed to stay with her.
  6. SunnyPupRN

    Caring for nurses in a multicultural environment

    For an article about diversity, you are making flat out generalizations. "The majority of the them are not good English speakers...." "They" don't believe this..." "Arranged marriages are practiced by every family." So not true. Saudis are individuals, and have varying beliefs and practices. It is the gov't who makes the laws mandating certain practices, but that does not mean every Saudi believes them. I've seen Saudis cross the bridge to Bahrain so they can drink alcohol. Some speak excellent English. I've even seen some who don't give a rip about pork and pig products. The distinction needs to be made between what is law and the individual. Do not make assumptions that everyone believes or practices the strict tenets of the government. Saudis are diverse and individual as anyone. You are doing a disservice to paint the people with such broad strokes.
  7. SunnyPupRN

    Coping skills for anxiety?

    Hi. Sorry you are going through this. I have tremendous anxiety, sometimes to the point that I feel I cannot clearly convey what I want to say, or cannot stand up for myself. I got sick of feeling regret after every conversation because I was too anxious to feel relaxed. And this - is going to sound a little crazy - but I started taking acting classes. I had to do a monologue, get up in front of people and deliver a performance using different voices, take on different characters, interact with other actors who sometimes had lines that were hostile and scary...and every single day I showed up at acting class, my heart pounding, wondering if I would forget my lines or be startled by dramatic scenes with screaming, yelling, etc. The last day I had to give my dramatic monologue of a person who is tormented with voices and hallucinations. The lines were disjointed and tangential, and I was shaking with fear that I would forget. I guess what I'm saying is that this type of exercise allowed me o experiment in a safe place with my anxiety - 'playing' a bold character, sometimes crying....pulling anxiety from my real life into a way I could channel it with other people. It definitely helped. I'm more relaxed when I talk to people. Maybe it's worth a shot? P.S. I ended up being cast in a short film that was in the Kite Film Festival this year. Just a short spot, but lots of fun.
  8. SunnyPupRN

    The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    I worked for the county animal shelter. When people were bitten by mammals without a known vaccination history or wild mammals, I had to euthanize them, remove their heads, and prepare the head for transportation and examination by the Health Dept, since rabies virus is carried in nervous tissue. That was the law, not a choice. Yea- I really needed a job. That wasn't my only duty, though. The upside was being involved in rescuing animals.
  9. SunnyPupRN

    Forcing patients to attend groups?

    I totally agree with you. And I think it is counter-intuitive to the truth that people must be ready for treatment and willing to go. On our part, that means being supportive and encouraging, but "forcing" patients breaks down relationships and trust. I suspect that insurance companies want to speed up the process and not wait around for patients to have that realization.
  10. SunnyPupRN

    Hospice Nursing - How Could I Not?

  11. What hacks do you have for assessing kids who don't want to be assessed? We have orders for full assessment of all systems q shift of preteen with heart defects, gtube, trach, OCD, and undiagnosed developmental disabilities. These are long standing orders, so she's used to it, but probably sick of being probed and touched two or three times a day for years. I have lots of trouble finding and counting pedal pulses due to constant movement: same with trying to listen to heart and lungs. The stethoscope is always being grabbed or the wiggling makes a ton of ambient noise. Redirection is useless. Waiting til she sleeps sometimes works, but we're supposed to do the assessment within the first hour of the shift. Every system is a challenge but you get the idea. Ideas please?
  12. SunnyPupRN

    When Nurses Use the "R" Word

    Whether we like it or not, "retarded" has become a distasteful word to use. At one time, it simply meant "delayed" or "late in learning," innocent enough. But the behavior associated with using the word became ugly, and so the language use followed. It even became politicized, with words like "libtard," in a deliberate attempt to insult and denigrate people on the left side of the spectrum. I think "cretin" used to be a clinical term too. It will be interesting to see how current language evolves. But for the moment, my opinion is that a nurse or doctor who chooses to use this word shows a lack of understanding of verbal boundaries, empathy, and professionalism. The popular belief is that the word is derogatory and demeaning, and when you are in a position of power, being paid to treat vulnerable patients, that is not the time to promote your freedom of speech, especially knowing that it is perceived as cruel and abusive.
  13. SunnyPupRN

    Life in a Dialysis Unit

    Thanks for sharing this. I am Stage 3 CKD, didn't know I had it and was pretty shocked when I found out. I'm not sure what to expect coming up - my neph doesn't seem to think too much of it, but I often encounter the brush off from doctors. I suspect it's because I don't fit the typical appearance of those with whom I share the waiting room; I'm slender, fit, non-diabetic, non-hypertensive. It's frustrating to feel like I'm on my own navigating this disease. I also want a future, but when I'm itching all over and peeing 14 times/day I don't know how realistic my plans are. [Neph says he doesn't believe the itching is U.P., but there's nothing else going on.] I wish more people knew about CKD.
  14. SunnyPupRN

    Is LinkedIn Necessary?

    I refuse to use it. I've had people I don't even know offer to vouch for me and ask me to vouch for them. It is fraudulent in those situations and I think it's a very slippery slope.
  15. SunnyPupRN

    Nursing speciality for someone that hates people

    Why not medical research? You've identified what makes you miserable, and nursing is full of it.Try something where you'll be in a room crunching numbers and tabulating trends in medical research.