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Does anyone know if U. of South Alabama looks at the full package when deciding on entrance into their nursing program or is it simply gpa? At the end of summer when I apply, I will only have a 3.2... Read More

  1. by   Grow_a_Soul
    I dont know the policies of the schools on that. I know there were students in my class who didnt pass certain classes and went on to graduate by retaking those courses. I am just not sure about the transferability of coursework.
  2. by   flgirl57
    I graduated from USA with my BSN in the regular track in 07. I tell you this was the WORST experience in my life!!!!!!!!!! The teachers read directly off the power points as mentioned before and you were left to teach yourself at home with your book! Clinicals were not a desirable learning atmosphere. You were so scared of your teacher that it impaired you from learning. I started the online FNP program since I figured it would work with my schedule. Please, the MSN program is a joke there. Even worse than the BSN program. Needless to say I am quitting the program and finding a college that actually wants to teach their students. The MSN program is cheap for a reason, you get what you pay for!!!! Take my advice and stay away from USA!!! Trust me, they respond to you when you are applying, but once you get in the program you are shut off from communication. They just don't care about their students!!!
  3. by   tnbutterfly
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  4. by   mrmike
    Everyone reading these posts remember to take negative comments with a grain of salt. Disgruntled people will always find a forum to complain. USA, and all schools, are what you make out of it. When I went there I heard some complainers and thought if they just would use their energy positively they would of been fine. Faculty worked with me after the storm, and I found most instructors to be helpful and concerned with issues. As far as getting all C's in clinicals. I got all A's, but excelled due to experience. Dont expect an A for showing up, and doing "ok". I will be continuing my NP at USA, and would recomend this instiution to anybody!
  5. by   flgirl57
    Hello Mrmike! I believe we have met, lol! I worked with you at STICU. Congrats on school and good luck!
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  6. by   lexicon28
    Hi everyone I am currently a FL resident but live in the Pensacola area and heard that USA gives in state tuition to surrounding FL area residents. I was wondering if I could get some info about the school like how you're experiences have been. I noticed alot of negative responses at the beginning of this thread.. *yikes*, but the dates on them are from a few years back so I was wondering if things might have changed a little. I also was wondering about the admissions process. I saw something on their site about an interview could be part of it. Just curious on what it was like when you guys were trying to get in.
  7. by   lovesongajp
    Hey Lex,
    I am currently in the nursing program at USA. I'm not going to lie... its VERY challenging. Our class started with around 100 and I think we have about half of that left midway through. However, I have learned so much that I really don't regret my decision to go there. You just have to start out preparing for the worst and never let your guard down. The first semester was exhausting but after that it begins to loosen up a little bit. Just go for it if its what you really want to do : ) When you get in, get organized! That's the best advice anybody ever gave me. You won't have time to after the first few days of class so do it as soon as you have what you need! Also, get involved! There's nothing better than knowing people ahead of you and getting hand-me-down's and most importantly good advice. As far as the admissions process goes, I never went for an interview and I don't know anybody that did. The application says 2.5GPA requirements but I don't think that anything less than a 3.1 is really considered. I wish the best of luck to you and please let me know if I can be of any more assistance!
  8. by   JoCro

    I'm from Pensacola as well. I did pre-nursing at UWF and got accepted to USA nursing for this coming up fall semester, however, I had to apply 3 times haha. Third time is a charm. My GPA at UWF wasn't the greatest so that's probably why. I had a 3.34 and UWF only accepts 40 people a YEAR so I didn't get into UWF nursing. But anyway, I never had an interview for the USA nursing admission process. I never even went to the school until Orientation.. haha. Advice: Apply as SOON as you can and pay close attention to the requirements because their prereqs are different than most colleges. Good luck!!
  9. by   Kb1001
    I would not recommend anyone to go to USA. They are a money hungry school and really do not care about their students. I graduate in July from there and I am not going back for my MSN!! Some instructors are amazing but overall they just care about your money. I would go to a smaller school where you can get more one on one time with instructors. Good luck.