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  1. lovesongajp

    Path to Wound Care

    I work at a wound clinic and nobody that works there currently is certified... It took me awhile to find a job in wound care and honestly I think it's just a matter of luck. I applied to the only job I found and somehow managed to get it. I've also learned to google wound centers/hospitals in the area and check their website periodically. Healogics manages tons of wound care centers so check their website also for centers in your area and job postings. Also, use more than 1 job search engine (indeed, simply hired, monster) as some jobs are not posted on all platforms. Good luck! I hope that helps! Just let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. lovesongajp

    ANCC Medical Surgical Certification

    Yes, I studied for the cert just like I did the NCLEX... I used the Lippincott review, several med/surg sections of other review books and the NCLEX 3500 on the med/surg topics. I thought it was really hard, and I knew I had failed, but I passed. A lot of my peers who took it said the same though and also passed. Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. lovesongajp

    WOCN preceptorship

    How did it go, with scheduling your hours? Did you find any weekend preceptors? I'm about to apply and I am in the same situation with scheduling hours.
  4. lovesongajp

    Career Change to Wound Care

    I'm so excited, I finally have an interview scheduled for tomorrow for an outpatient wound care clinic at an area hospital as a wound care nurse! Do you guys have any tips or advice? Did you take the job, @coolbreezegurl?
  5. It's not wearing a mask because of the disease, it's wearing a mask because they are unable to obtain the flu shot, regardless. Same rule applies where I work, a mask or the shot is required for every employee.
  6. lovesongajp

    Can I take one class a diffrent college?

    When I was in pre-nursing, I took a couple classes as a transient student at a local CC because the times were more convenient. I just had to check with the college of nursing that I was ultimately planning on attending and get written approval before enrolling to ensure they would transfer. You can definitely attend 2 colleges at once though :) Good luck!
  7. lovesongajp

    Career Change to Wound Care

    I can't say what's best for you but I am desperate to find the exact opportunity you're being offered. I would definitely jump on it! I have been applying to wound care jobs for months now without so much as even a callback. The education they are offering will look great on your resume regardless if you stay in the long term. Why not just try it and then if it's not your thing, try something else? I've been looking at programs to be a CWOCN and they run about $6500, not cheap out of pocket. Good luck with whatever you decide! I'm definitely super jealous! :)
  8. lovesongajp

    Will an EKG course be worth it?

    I definitely think the EKG course would be great! The hospital I'm at actually just started requiring our techs to take a basic EKG course so already having that knowledge would be an advantage. With that being said, I wouldn't shell out a lot of money for one... If you have one available and it's cheap though, go for it! It definitely wouldn't hurt.
  9. lovesongajp

    Clinicals and walking boot

    I honestly don't think there's anything you can do... The same happened at my school except for the person had to have a cast and it wasn't removable so they had to withdraw from clinical for the semester. If you can "fake it 'til you make it" I'd definitely recommend it since its your last semester. It's necessarily a school rule, most facilities will not allow that at the bedside, it's an infection control and patient safety issue. It definitely sucks though! Good luck!
  10. lovesongajp

    Considering to apply for dialysis nurse position.

    Congrats!!! Have you worked in dialysis before? What will your orientation be like? What hours will you be working? Sorry for all the questions!
  11. lovesongajp

    WOCN information/Emory

    Ha! It's still my plan... I'm just trying to save up enough money to pay for the program out of pocket. I'm hoping against hope that a random job falls in my lap to give me the opportunity to have the education funded and also a post-cert job 😉. I do hope to start hopefully in the fall though, regardless.
  12. lovesongajp

    Considering to apply for dialysis nurse position.

    I'm considering this also. I've worked med/surg for the past 3 years and I'm really hoping to find something dayshift outside of a bedside hospital nursing role.
  13. lovesongajp

    PRN- Should I feel bad?

    I'm also a PRN nurse... They call me every single day, sometimes more than once. It became exhausting saying no that many times so now I usually "go to hell 'em." Ha! I will say I did give in and work 5 (12 hr) days in a row once and they still had the nerve to call me on my way home on the 5th day and ask me to work that night, um, NOPE. All they want is a warm body and they will keep calling until they find one. Good luck to you!
  14. lovesongajp

    Disappointed in the book format

    USA CON does this, is this where you'll be going by chance, OP? I graduated from there several years ago when it first started and I was furious about it. I am a crazy highlighter person, hard copy everything. However, I actually found I never missed the hardcopy. I developed a new system and adapted and trust me you will too. I think it actually made studying much easier in the long run. I took notes on my computer using a split screen with the book. In addition, I still have ALL my textbooks for reference. Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions 😊.
  15. lovesongajp

    Scrub bottoms for tall/fat female?

    I am tall and also carry most of my weight in my thighs and I love the Med Couture brand. They are so comfortable and they really work with my body type. You can look online for retailers in your area. Good luck!
  16. lovesongajp

    Float pool as a new grad? Any thoughts?

    I've been in the float pool now for about 6 months and honestly, I love it. I've always said I could never work as float but it just kind of fell in my lap and now I can't imagine only working for one floor. With that being said, I've been a nurse for over 3 years and I couldn't imagine starting out in the float pool as a new grad. My hospital hires new grads to float also and most of them seem to do well though. I think it helps if you're fairly outgoing and make friends easily. New nurses need a strong support system and I guess you can find that working in the pool same as anywhere else. I'm just not super outgoing so I would've silently drowned as a new grad float, no doubt. I think it's definitely good experience but I still think working on a med/surg floor alone would probably be better. I don't know if I helped answer any of your questions but if you have any other specific ones I'll be glad to try. Sorry for any grammar errors or rambling, it's bedtime 😁.