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mrmike has 5 years experience and specializes in ICU/ER.


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  1. I have been looking at NP jobs, and noticed some requesting 700 or 720 clinical hours. The program I am in only requires 600 clinical hours. Can people tell me how many clinical hours their program requires? I know 500 is needed to sit for boards. I am worried this could be a problem.
  2. mrmike

    ACNP vs FNP --Help please!

    Thank you, all these posts very helpful, head still spinning. Seems to me FNP still has more flexibility.
  3. mrmike

    ACNP vs FNP --Help please!

    Thanks for the input.
  4. mrmike

    ACNP vs FNP --Help please!

    I am currently a student in an NP program. I am in the Emergency Track which is really just a dual track. Acute care and Familly. This track interested me due to its versatility. I am undecided as to which avenue to persue after school, and figured this track most marketable and helped me with my indicision. I have worked in ICU and ER for 6 years. I am interested in working with specialist (cardiology, neuro etc), but also open to ER work (minor care), and clinic work. My dilema is the hours and length of program. Being a dual program, clinical hours are double and it is 1 semester longer. I knew this going in, but after 2 semesters it is clear the workload will probably be too much for me and my family. The delima lies in which track now? Family vs. Acute care. I have heard it is more about experience then certification. Obviously Acute car cant see kids, so this seems limiting. I know a FNP that just got on with a cardiaologist (ICU RN). Also would need to be FNP to work in mnor care or clinic. What are some opinions for me with my indicision of future track. I have to pick track by 4/1. Where do you work as ACNP or FNP? Do you have to be certified this way to work where you work? Any info would help. Thanks
  5. Currently enrolled at USA. I have read some posts that group USA with online diploma mills. This is incorrect. The University of South Alabama has a level 1 trauma center and Top Womens and Childrens Hospital, and Medical School. I attended traditional classroom BSN there and they have switched their MSN program from traditional to Online. They do not take anyone, GPA 3.5 at least. If you need flexibility its the way to go. DO NOT confuse USA with online schools with no actual campus!
  6. mrmike

    USA ACNP orientation...

    If this is your first semester, dont go to orientation until after 1st year, I think. I start in fall also at USA.
  7. mrmike

    Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

    Starting Emergency dual program fall. Sticu_rn@yahoo.com. tried mailing said invalid address.
  8. mrmike

    University of South Alabama

    Everyone reading these posts remember to take negative comments with a grain of salt. Disgruntled people will always find a forum to complain. USA, and all schools, are what you make out of it. When I went there I heard some complainers and thought if they just would use their energy positively they would of been fine. Faculty worked with me after the storm, and I found most instructors to be helpful and concerned with issues. As far as getting all C's in clinicals. I got all A's, but excelled due to experience. Dont expect an A for showing up, and doing "ok". I will be continuing my NP at USA, and would recomend this instiution to anybody!
  9. mrmike

    NP clinical hours

    I start Emergency Dual Family/Acute NP program at the University of South Alabama this fall. The clinical hours are 240/240/300/300. I am asking for info regarding these amount of hours and is it possible to work and get these hours. Does anyone know if you do clinicals in 8 or 12 hour shifts. How many days a week? Any info would be appreciated. Any Advanced Emergency NP's with info?
  10. mrmike

    Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

    As long as it doesn't say denied, and says in dept for review, should be ok. Letter came regular mail.
  11. mrmike

    Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

    Got letter may 28 for acceptance into Advanced Emergency.
  12. Family is by far the most competitive. I am going to attend USA with online. The adult NP program is less competitive and also online.
  13. mrmike

    Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

    Got acceptance letter yesterday 5/28/11 for Emergency/ Dual NP.
  14. USA is an excellent institution with many advanced degrees. DNP, one of first with Emergency/Dual family-acute NP. Not that easy to get in though due to online status, and many out of state applicants.
  15. mrmike

    New Teacher Wants to Become a Nurse: Advice Please!!

    You sound intelligent. Go for Physician Assistant. All you need is a bachelors degree in ANY field to qualify.
  16. mrmike

    Cath Lab questions

    Any insight to getting into a cath lab position. The openings I have seen say critical care experience needed prefer Cardiac. I have 2 years ICU not CCU. Any insights would be appreciated. For on call what is usual time required to be in by? I live 40 mins from hospitals I am interested in applying to. Yhank You in advance for any information. MRMIKE