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  1. What is the maximum number of patients per nurse?

    I just accepted an Oncology and Pulmonary Med-Surg position, Nights. 16 patients and they said there are typically 2 RN's and a tech at night. Im nervous about this. Seems like a large load to me. 7-8 a piece. Ugh. But day shift does it with 3 nurse...
  2. University of South Alabama

    I dont know the policies of the schools on that. I know there were students in my class who didnt pass certain classes and went on to graduate by retaking those courses. I am just not sure about the transferability of coursework.
  3. What is the maximum number of patients per nurse?

    I feel really taken advantage of now that I see most nurses in med-surg are having a better patient load than I had. That is why I got out of it. But there I times when I really miss it. I know....Im crazy.
  4. Not allowed to SIT during 12 hour shift and MORE

    That is absolutely ridiculous. If I am a patient being taken care of by a nurse who isnt even allowed to sit down to write a nurse I am concerned. Good luck to you and I hope this place gets it together quick!
  5. Insulin Administration

    Its a long acting insulin so you wouldnt want to hold it completely even if the patient were fasting. The only time you would hold it is if the BG was consistently below normal. And you would only hold it until you had an order to decrease the dose.
  6. Why aren't we assessing patients?

    Its the first step of the nursing process for a reason. The rest of the care depends on it.
  7. what does med surg. nurse do exactly?

    In a nutshell, the ER nurse would stablize them (hopefully) and the Med/Surg nurse would maintain and/or improve (hopefully) them.
  8. What is the maximum number of patients per nurse?

    I worked on a 16 bed floor and so on the worst of bad nights it would be me (RN) and an LPN with 8 each and me doing all IV pushes. Those were very dark nights. What we would aim for and like to be typical in those days was 3 nurses and 2 techs for 1...
  9. Can diabetic educators be fat?

    The CDE I used to work with was fat.
  10. Questions for nurses who have travelled.

    1. How do these agencies afford to pay these high rates? I know the hospitals pay them but my whole thing is if the hospitals would pay that to regular staff wouldnt that be easier and then they wouldnt constantly be having new nurses rolling in? How...
  11. University of South Alabama Accelerated MSN WARNING!

    I got back from Italy after graduation and had a message from USA CON that I didnt pay some fee so I would not be able to get a diploma until the following semester. Luckily it was straightened out but I mean, who does that???? I was set to start my ...
  12. University of South Alabama

    I am a 2005 USA grad and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I have a good friend who actually went to Faulker State in its infancy for an ADN and she seemed so much more prepared and confident as a new nurse. Of course on a resume' BSN w...
  13. RN in a doctors office??

    The office job I had was the same base pay I had in the hospital but the overall pay was considerably less bc I didnt get bonuses and shift diff's. Also, I didnt get a raise but once out of 3 and half years. It was hard times economically so I toughe...
  14. I want to work in a Doctor's office

    I concur. The job you are describing is actually a medical assistant and a good one makes the day go so much smoother.
  15. How does your medical office flow?

    Patients walk in and we discourage it and many times it is actually something the receptionist can take care of. We nurses get irritable if they come get us and dont know what the patient wants but sometimes they wont tell. Demos supposed to be verif...