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For all AL nurses, how much do you make? Could you live and buy a house with your salary alone without assistant from your spouses? I'm planing to move there but at the same time after I become a... Read More

  1. by   Thunderball
    The Parade insert in the Sunday Birmingham News had a 27 or 28 yr old male RN in Birmingham making $76,000 I think it was. I want to know what you need to do to get to that pay ($30+ and hour) in so short a time (5-7 yrs) instead of this $20 an hour stuff that seems so common. My question from this is does a 4 year bachelors make any difference compared to a 2 year associates when it comes to pay in AL (or elsewhere for that matter)?
  2. by   Mommy TeleRN
    thunder - I have seen that type of pay for weekenders or non-benefitted positions.
  3. by   guy_nurse
    Quote from Mommy Nurse2b
    thunder - I have seen that type of pay for weekenders or non-benefitted positions.
    Good point - you do have to look at the benefits, if someone reports making $35/hr, the next question on my mind is: Do you have insurance, retirement, paid days off, are you full time etc. I guess when you get older, you start thinking about the benefits.

    My plan (I am a student) is to have a position at a hospital, and do some type of part time job at other facilities without the benefits for the extra money.
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  4. by   a21chdchic
    I don't know why you would want to live in an area where nurse's make so little. I live in AZ, and the base pay for an RN in my community starts at 28.00/hour. I'm sure AL RN's work just as hard as we do in AZ.

  5. by   hushpupgrl
    Hello everyone! i am currently thinking about changing careers and pursuing nursing. i am really confused about a few things...any info would be very helpful. first...i was looking on and checking salaries for nurses based on different areas of the country. if anyone has done this, are the salaries on there applicable to what people really make? people have told me that nurses make good money, but after reading some posts on this website, it seems like they only make 35-40 dollars an hour if they don't have health insurance. i am currently single and will be supporting myself, so i would definitely need my own health insurance. also, what does it mean to work for an agency or per diem? some have said that if you work for an agency you make more moeny. anyway, like i said...i am very new to all of this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. i don't have another outsource to get information, since everyone i know is working in another field.

  6. by   healingtouchRN
    we live in Alabama for different reasons. Alabama is a beautiful state, with sugar white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, the foothills of the Appalachian mountains to the north, a belt of farmland through her mid section along with lovely red clay, a plethora of rivers & lakes to explore, pine forests to camp, & people of all races & creeds. I was born here (at the hospital where I work) & my family/friends are here, so I stay. The cost of living is not as high as Atlanta, Georgia where I've lived before. I have a moderate sized home, 3000 sq ft, 4 BR, 3 BA with a pool & double garage in town on a nurses salary. We have 2 good trucks. I am 3 hours from our condo in Gulf Shores, AL, & 30 minutes from our lake house. We are also 3 hours from Atlanta for a fun weekend & 4 hours from the mountains of Eastern TN. It's true that the medicine practiced here seem archaic as compared to CA, AZ, NM, CO, NY, but I do continuing education from teachers who live in those states & practice the holistic & innovative methods, thereby hoping to bring new experiences & skills to my state & our people. True, I'd love a raise as would my colleagues. But money is not the only thing that drives me in my career. My friendships with other healthcare providers are my treasures. My clients I serve are jewels, some rough and unpolished but jewels nonetheless. I'd love to spend my summers in SE Alaska, Juneau or Ketchikan, where the weather is cool & rainy. That will be another time. I think some people get the idea that nurses in Alabama are poverty level. Well, I think that is an individual situation. Most of my colleagues have kids either in magnet or private school & live in nice homes & drive good vehicles & still give back to their commnities. Alabama is a nice place, a bit getting used to but a nice place.
  7. by   Atl_John
    I'm currently, in Auburn, AL graduating in December with my BSN. I've looked at places all around AL. We have a regional Medical center here (EAMC) they pay only $18 an hour, I was astounded, not to mention you have some pretty high patient/nurse ratios, I've seen as high as 6 to 1 in the CVSU. Kind of scary with some of those patients probably needing to be back in the CVICU. What scares me is they believe that this is a great salary since our COL is "low" WELL I just moved here from ATL, and I'll tell ya, I spend the same on electricity, cable, phone, water, and just $50 less on housing (my apt here is 15 yrs older, but 100sq ft bigger than mine in ATL). I spend the same on groceries, and the same on Gas, so for me the COL is no different in a college town than it is in Atlanta. In ATL working in the medical field I was making $16, so for someone to tell me that now that I'll be an RN/BSN that 18 is a good salary, I have to laugh. I must say I will only stay in this state if my salary is at least $26/hr to start. Which is what they are paying at Piedmont in ATL for ICU. So.....just my $.02
  8. by   EarthChild1130
    I am from Alabama originally even though I now live in Oregon (was restationed due to hubby being in the military) and graduated from nursing school in Mobile. I started out in Mobile making $19.50 an hour working nights, 11p-7a, and with my shift differential, etc. totalled $23.50/hour.

    I am of course partial to Alabama having grown up there, but the cost of living is really low and I think you could probably afford to live decently on your salary, providing you come up with a workable budget...I'll tell ya one thing...I sure do miss the low cost of housing! The house we bought here in Oregon would've cost us at least half in Alabama what it cost here! I also miss the food LOL...Good luck!

    Missing those sugary-white beaches,
  9. by   healingtouchRN
    HI Atl-John,I worked at Piedmont in 1990 in CCU. Was the highest paying hospital in Atlanta at the time for unit pay for a full timer. I enjoyed it. Had to move back to AL for family reasons. My sister in law was at EAMC & just came back to Montg. for family reasons. She enjoyed EAMC. The commute was rough on a mommy though.
  10. by   FroggieLiz
    Does anyone know what salaries in Montgomery are running?
  11. by   healingtouchRN
    for what type of job, hospital, RN?
    At my hospital I believe new grad RN's are starting at $20/hr. $3 hr evening shift diff. $4 hr night shift diff. With a little experience they offer hospital contracts in needy areas like ED for $35/hr. but limited benefits.
  12. by   swartzrn
    Atl John--I'm surprised that EAMC is only 18/hr. I would've thought they would have been higher. I'm down in Columbus, GA but worked in Alabama up until 5 years ago and made more than that in a small town ER. I am just pretty surprised that EAMC is so low. YIKES!
  13. by   dollbaby
    HealingtouchRN Thank you, thank you, thank you for pointing out the wonderful things about AL. I have lived here for many years but have never been too fond of AL. Your appraisal gave me a new revelation of the great things about this area. You might ask "If you don't like it why haven't you left?" I had elderly parents and I am the only child that lives near them. I have had to stay near to make sure they were ok. I am not originally from AL. My least favorite parts remain (the bugs and the heat). My favorite parts are the food and the warmth of strangers.