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  1. hushpupgrl

    Will NP salary increase b/c of health care reform

    drs will not be higher demand. just because more people have insurance and there are not enough doctors to see these people, only hypothetically means doctors will be in demand. the reality is that people who are smart enough to go to medical school are not going b/c their salary is going to decrease b/c of obama's socialized medicine. therefore, the government will be pushing people through med school who should not be there, and in return the quality of the healthcare system will go down. as far as nurses, in the short run it may help. but in the long run, the bill will not.
  2. hushpupgrl

    How Does the Obama Health Care Plan Affect NP's?

    the law might initially increase pay in certain area's, but in the long run it will bring down the pay for everyone in healthcare(doctors, nurses, PA's, etc). there is no way our country can afford this bill. it will only cause the cost of healthcare to increase more than it is right now, and in return the taxes in our country will increase. healthcare workers are going to feel the squeeze when all of this happens. hopefully, this bill can be stopped. don't forget to vote in november and get rid of anyone who voted for this bill.