info from microbiology used in nursing school?


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their time off from school. I'm a pre nursing student and was curious as to how much of the material from microbiology and chemistry is used during nursing school. I know the A&P information is very important, but I was curious as to the amount of info that reappears from the other too classes.




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I just finished my first semester of ADN program. I've already taken all but one BSN prereq, just worked out better for me to attend ADN school and transition instead, so I've taken Chemistry.

What I used from that chem class was ratio/proportion need to know this like the back of your hand for dosage cal!!!!!!!!!!

Microbiology, not so much the first semester, but it's coming later I hear.

Make sure you know your a & p like the back of your hand, it will help SO much with health assessment and fundamentals.

Know fluid and electrolytes, acidosis/alkalosis, heart and lungs, cranial nerves. These are things I really struggled with for some reason. I also wished I had taken a medical terminology class......and learned what some of the abbreviations stood for ahead of time.......the first few lectures I spent a lot of time just trying to figure out what the abbreviations in the powerpoints meant!!! I made out with 2 A's and a B, but it was NOT easy. I feel like all I did last semester was study. There are a LOT of things I wish I'd worked harder on learning in prereqs!

I also highly recommend the Test Success for beginning nursing students to read BEFORE you begin a nursing program!

HTH some!


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i had to know host/vector/transmission/infectious disease cycle stuff and some of the immunity/inflammation stuff in first semester. didnt have to know it in intense detail though. didnt see any of it in second semester. i suppose it might be a little helpful (just a little) to know which bugs are associated with wich diseases.


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Two words about the relevance of micro to nursing:

Aseptic Technique.

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