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  1. by   Lucy G
    please do...I'm in same boat, have bachelors, no financial aid for JS!
  2. by   almostfearless
    Quote from jurac29
    hey you guys...did any of you get that green flyer in your letter that talked about financial assistance? I was wondering if it was referring to OUR financial aid office, or if it was something special offered to medical majors. What did ya'll think of it?

    I applied to our Financial Aid office with the FAFSA, and haven't heard anything yet. I didn't know if that's what the green flyer was referring to or what. Any ideas, please post!

    I called about it at the beginning of the summer- it's a government grant that helps low income people going into a medical field. The cap family income is 32,000 if I remember right. My husband and I made just a touch over that, until he lost his job 3 months ago. But they do it by your previous years taxes, so no help for us!
  3. by   snooks41
    This morning I've emailed just about every contact in the financial aid department regarding the status of my financial aid/no sign of a financial aid award letter yet. I will post anything helpful when they respond.
  4. by   09RN
    Wanted to give yall a heads up about financial aid. You wont be able to get it during the summer semester if you are only taking nursing classes. A few friends had this issue and didnt find out till classes started. Not sure why they dont tell people this before hand!!
  5. by   almostfearless
    I have a (possibly) odd question- Did everyone confirm their spot by leaving a message on her voicemail? I sometimes don't trust that they actually check it, but since that's the number they tld us to call, surely they do.

    I guess I'm just paranoid. I took me a long time and lots of work to get here.
  6. by   wanna2brn
    Quote from Lucy G
    please do...I'm in same boat, have bachelors, no financial aid for JS!
    I spoke to a lady in the Alabaster Career Center, she referred me to a website and signed up there, then called her back and got put into an orientation for 8/17. She said I might qualify b/c of family size and low income ( I havent worked while pregnant) but I will post when I know for sure. At this point, anything will help. We have been pretty stressed since I don't qualify for student loans at JS - which I really do not understand b/c I only have a little in loans from my first degree. The fin aid office said I do not qualify b/c number of hours taken....Just taking one day at a time now
  7. by   VSBlonde
    Just FYI, you can find the Calculate with confidence on ebay right now, NEW, for $37.00, free shipping. 4th Edition!
  8. by   almostfearless
    Same situation here- was a Psych major at UAB about a year from graduating, and changed paths. Then, I worked for AT&T mobility and made enough to pay my own tuition, and it was before I got married so I didn't have any bills. Now I have very small amount of loans out, but too many hours. Just when I actually NEED the loans.
  9. by   wanna2brn
    Just to update on the tutition assistance flyer. I called and was prequalified and then attended orientation on Monday. I had to turn in some paperwork and do a few things online but overall very simple. From what I understand these are govt grants for dislocated worker, graduates whose degree does not help with job and older students. It only applies to people in a two year program and they are extremely helpful. I have not for sure been sent through (waiting on response from Montgomery) but it should cover about 90-95% of tutition, books and supplies. Once granted, the funds will cover all semesters until you use all funds. Since, I have completed most of my prereqs, it should cover most of my needs. I highly recommend contacting them if you need assistance. The staff was so nice and helpful. I think they can prequlaify you over the phone to see if you should apply. Let me know if you have any more questions Has anyone started on the dosage calculations? Can't wait to meet you all in class !!!!!
  10. by   BamaGrl2386
    I haven't bought my textbooks yet (I'm still trying to decide if I want to buy their "bundle" or find each book myself through Barnes and Noble) so I haven't been working the problems in Calculate with Confidence, but I have been reading and working through a book I bought at Barnes and Noble called Math for Nurses, which I think covers the same concepts. The take home quiz they gave us at orientation seems pretty straight forward, so I'm not as worried as I was before. Have you encountered any difficulties with the text assignment?
  11. by   jurac29
    Which campus are you at? I'm at Jefferson and we didn't get a take home quiz!?!?!?!? Are you in the part time program or full time?
  12. by   Lucy G
    yeah, no take home quiz for the part time oreintation
  13. by   wanna2brn
    I have basically been working on the straight conversion problems. I wanted to get comfortable with those. I plan on working on the injection ad iv problems this week. So far, no major problems. I glad they sent this home b/c it has eased my anxiety about the math. I am waiting on funds to purchase books. I think I am going to do the bundle b/c I want the ebook access. They do have a copy of the calculations book in the library. I have made copies of the things I needed until I buy the book.

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