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Is anyone waiting on letters from Jeff State for Fall "09???????:zzzzz... Read More

  1. by   jurac29
    I think the two campuses have totally different admissions. There are two different classes that they take. You have to check which campus you're applying to when you turn your application in. So it might be that the Jefferson campus is just ahead on the applications. maybe?
  2. by   wanna2brn
    What campus has everyone applied to? I applied for Shelby - full time
    Is anyone planning on the Hoover CPR class? I think that might be the best deal going...I wonder if we need to reserve a spot? Keep up the positive thoughts - hopefully this time next week we are congratulating each other =) & going crazy getting everything ready for NURSING SCHOOL!!!1!1
  3. by   09RN
    Both Jefferson and Shelby campus will hear at the same time.
  4. by   Fashionista1218
    I'm applied to Shelby!! And I agree...hopefully we'll know something soon!! I registered for the first weekend in August CPR class. They never emailed me back to say if it was confirmed or full or anything so hopefully I'll be in it. I asked this earlier with no response but have you started studying for anything yet?
  5. by   jurac29
    I applied to the jefferson campus. I want to call so bad to see if the letters are already in the mail, but I'm afraid they're going to throw out my application. Is that crazy? I'm just impatient. No letter today, now I have to come up with something to occupy my thoughts until tomorrow's mail time. As if a 2 and 3 year old weren't enough!
  6. by   alarn84
    I just emailed the Jefferson campus to see about the part-time program. I will let everyone know if she responds. I am just tired of rushing home to the mailbox everyday!!!!!!!! Hopefully I will get an answer and maybe we will have a better idea.
  7. by   Fashionista1218
    Haha. I'm going to check mine now. I'm SO anxious. Everytime I call I don't say my name because I'm scared they'll do that too. You should call again and see just don't say your name =)
  8. by   wanna2brn
    Did you call or email your reservations for CPR?

    I have not started studying yet. I just had a baby - he is 3 weeks old - and I am just getting back to kinda normal - I am going to look for some books on ebay tonight, mainly the dosage calculations...what about you?
  9. by   Fashionista1218
    Congrats on your baby!! For the CPR classes, you can go online to and register for the classes on the fire department's page. I'm planning on starting to study dosage calculations as soon as I find out if I'm in!
  10. by   wanna2brn
    Thanks he is a cutie pie:heartbeat I am going to sign up right now - we will have to meet up there - you did say you signed up for shelby - then we can be study buddies too:typing
  11. by   wanna2brn
    Does anyone know anything about when we are in classes? I just checked the Fall schedule for classes. It listed Assessment Wed 9-12, Pharm Tues 9-12 and Fundamentals Tues 9-12 and 1-3 Lab and Clinical Thur and Fri TBA. So are we in class all day on Tues? What about Thur and Fri? I am just getting anxious and would like to know when I am going to be where....I guess I am just trying to keep my mind off the mail
  12. by   wanna2brn
    Got my CPR class confirmation for 8/1
  13. by   Fashionista1218
    I never got a confirmation for it!! I'll try again.

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