AGGHHH!!! Fingerprints!!!


I am the reason for the delay in my ATT:angryfire. In Michigan, we have a new thing (since Oct 1st) where we are to pay $65.00 for fingerprints. I did not know the fingerprints were needed in order to release our ATT. I did my fingerprints 2 weeks ago. I called the Health dept this past Friday. They informed me everything is in order, they are just waiting for my fingerprint verification which could take up to 4 weeks, THEN they will release my ATT. I am having a "If I only did this sooner moment......" I can't believe I dropped the ball on that one!

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I've worked places where a fingerprint check was conducted. It is a PIA and I'm surprised the school didn't inform the students to get the prints done ASAP.

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I'm sorry this has happend to you. At least for the others we will know about getting on the ball with them!


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I'm sorry you have this delay. At my school they told us up front we needed to have fingerprints done along with all the other expenses. Don't let this throw you for a loop. Keep studying. Good luck.


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To my understand, if they require fingerprints for the issuance of ATT, you better use your time in processing your case rather than doing some excuses for what you need to know before.

I think fingerprints do not take too much time to process it, so look forward rather than backwards. and am sure you will win it!!!


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I live in Michigan and the same thing happened to me. Before I graduated there was no mention of the fingerprints. I was waiting frantically for my ATT and decided to call Pearson and they told me they were waiting on the State of Michigan. Once I called the state, I learned of the fingerprints. Soon after calling them, I got a letter from the State of Michigan. My letter stated 4-5 weeks too. However, I scheduled my appointment for the fingerprints and background check less than a week from the day I called them. It took about two days for the State of Michigan to get the results and Pearson sent my ATT a few days later. It was not 4 weeks. I hope this helps you feel better. :nuke:


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i guess it will not take that long to get you ATT. Just be patient maybe tomorrow you'lll get it.. GOD Bless and Good luck on Your EXAM.

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