asked to stay late this morning!!!

  1. well it was my second shift at this facility. The feedback has been good. I was working 11-7 last night and the phone started ringing and ringing at about 3 am the regular staff just seemed to not notice. At 0655 I was asked if I could help out. Mind you my agency had not contacted me. I said I was tired but could help them out through breakfast like maybe 0900. The house supervisor said WELL you either work the whole shift or none. I smile and started to exit her office. She stopped me and wanted to know what I was doing and I said " I offered to stay until 0900 and you said that was not possible so I was leaving at the time I was contracted at. She then begged and I said she needed to contact my agency, that we decide on my hours. I then smiled and told her to have a nice day:kiss I don't think she will do this again. I was willing even though I had no responsibility to the facility to stay and help out. OH well MY PILLOW FELT REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!:roll :kiss THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT I AM GLAD I WORK AGENCY!!!
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  3. by   OBNurseShelley
    GEEZ, I dont blame you for leaving, she deserved it! Good for you!
  4. by   Little One2
    Management thinks they can walk all over us.
  5. by   oramar
    Speaking of walking, don't suppose she ever though of putting on her sneakers and doing a little running up and down a few halls.
  6. by   BadBird
    Good for you! Being agency is a nice switch from staff, no mandatory overtime.
  7. by   nightingale
    Amazing how a little courtesy goes a long way ... or a big red flag of being a $%^&.. sends us running in the opposite direction!

    Will they ever learn?

    Uh heh... mangement... there IS a nursing shortage.... ask yourselves WHY?!!!
  8. by   mattsmom81
    Doesn't it feel great to know we cannot be manipulated and intimidated anymore?

    Glad you made her eat a little crow....pizzes me off how these supervisors talk to the workers...those who are 'in the trenches.'
  9. by   eddy
    Smile and keep on walking....

    right to the agency office to pick up that check that is bigger than that glorified secretary with an attitude will ever see... hehe....
  10. by   Brita01
    See, THIS is the kind of stuff I like to hear. You're trying to be nice and offer your time, and this wench throws it back in your face and says all or none?! I hope she's still trying to pull her shoe out of her mouth and wipe YOUR nursing shoe print off her forehead. :roll
  11. by   eddy
    hehe... good one Brita
  12. by   leeca
    l thought with agency you can't do a shift without the agency knowing about it.

    They might say we didn't arrange for you to do that shift so we aren't paying you.
  13. by   Shiraz
    Well, I don't know if this situation falls under the asked to stay title or not but last week I was asked to stay by my agency because one of my fellow co-workers didn't show up for her shift.

    I had already worked 3-11 and my agency BEGGED me to stay until she found someone to fill the shift...yeah right. Staying for 11-7 didn't bug me near as bad as having to count with the stuffy nurse that was waiting to be relieved. we both knew that if I didn't stay SHE would have to.

    Needless to say, I did stay for another shift and since I slept over 8 hours the night before it wasn't all that bad.

    I agree though, the more you frequent the same place the more they think they OWN you.

    I still wouldn't trade by Agency Job for the world!!
  14. by   nightingale

    If the facility wants you to stay and YOU want to stay, just call your agency and TELL them. The floor charge will call their scheduler and approve the hours. I think all states are OT after 12 hours. If you have the energy, it is GOOD money. I think we have clarified it is OUR option if it is not already sheduled and they ask (yes... we have control, unlike regular staff).

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